“Just an idea”, an unexpected stop? – Free Daily

“Just an idea”, an unexpected stop? – Free Daily
“Just an idea”, an unexpected stop? – Free Daily

“It will not be an annexation”. He swears it Antonio Tajani, he has been repeating for days Matteo Salvini. But the “federation of the center-right” in Parliament, with League, Come on Italy e Courage Italy, goes ahead quickly and could arrive at a summary as early as next week. Therefore, before the “end of the month” hoped for by Matteo Salvini. The blue leader Silvio Berlusconi, fully back on the pitch after the health problems of the last few months, he phoned his colleague from the Lega again to assure him of his support. The idea convinces him, according to the most extreme background the Cav would even have a real fusion in mind, style PDL (“A single party? Maybe”, he would have confided to some loyalists, a little off guard). The truth, however, is that the greatest resistances come precisely from his party, which would join the League in a minority position, polls in hand, and therefore would emerge from it electorally stronger but politically weaker.

The most fierce no to the federation proposal came from Mara Carfagna e Mariastella Gelmini, and it is no coincidence that they are two “very distant” exponents of the forceist galactic: the first leader of the “southern” faction, the second poppy of the “northerners”, but sharing the same concerns. During the first meeting of the party leaders via Zoom, Berlusconi would have been amazed by the much more widespread discontent than expected. “Nor could he have imagined – he suggests Republic – that the displaced All e Brugnaro, instead of giving in to the northern sirens, they would get in the way: ready to take advantage of the blue liquefaction to swell the newborn Coraggio Italia, welcoming among its ranks the Malpancisti opposed to what many defined as ‘an annexation project’ “.

Perhaps for this reason, explains the background of the newspaper directed by Maurizio Molinari, “the Cavaliere, also annoyed by Salvini’s acceleration, picks up the phone and dials Mara Carfagna’s number”. The former premier would have asked her “to intercede to reassure everyone”, explaining that “that of the federation is just one idea on which we will reflect. “A half braking, in short, nothing would be decided yet. Or perhaps an extreme attempt to take time and confront the most rebellious to the fait accompli, trusting in the goodness of the project.

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