Beautiful previews, twists and new secrets to reveal

The fans of Beautiful are preparing to live sensational moments together with the protagonists of the soap: twists and turns with Liam and Hope

Beautiful advances

New twists in the very popular American soap, Beautiful. The latest advances, in fact, reveal a very dangerous secret that could soon jump out. Meanwhile, a detail on the marriage of Zoe and Thomas leaves everyone speechless.

The boy runs off the altar and runs towards Hope: it is she who wants to marry. Meanwhile, Ridge has to apologize to Brooke for the misunderstandings that have been caused by Thomas. Plus, everyone including Zoe decides to turn their backs on the Forrester. At this juncture Liam tells Thomas that Douglas will grow up with them and Beath. The little one confirms the same will.

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The advances of Beautiful until June 12: fans anxiously awaiting


Thomas will be filled with despair as no one will choose to hold out his hand and he will disappear into thin air. In the meantime, Brooke she will be proud of this because everyone has finally understood who the person is Forrester. She will later admit she was worried when she saw Hope arrive in wedding dress, for a moment he thought that young Logan wanted to marry Thomas.

Liam will decide together with little Douglas, with whom he has established a beautiful relationship, to kneel before Hope and ask her to marry him. The young Logan will accept the Spencer’s proposal and it will be Douglas to celebrate the wedding with Beth who will instead act as best man.

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As for the poor Sally, she has less and less time to live e will continue not to tell the truth about his health in Wyatt who meanwhile has returned to live with her.


Beautiful previews twists secrets reveal

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