Jacopo, the (beautiful) brother of Damiano David from Måneskin

Måneskin at Eurovision, photostory of a triumph: the cheering of VIPs

Is called Jacopo the brother of Damiano David of the Måneskin. Beautiful and identical to the cantate, it has always remained away from the spotlight despite the growing fame of his brother. After the victory in Sanremo and the one at Eurovision, many have tried to find out more about the guys in the band.

The most reserved (and followed) is undoubtedly Damiano David. The singer shares many shots on Instagram that tell about his career, between concerts, recordings and new ideas. On the other hand, there are very few private photos, so much so that the love story with Giorgia Soleri, to which he has been linked for four years, has only recently been revealed.

Born in 1999, Damiano was born in Rome. Few people know that she has an older brother, Jacopo, born in 1996. The two are not only very close, but they have one great similarity. The strong features of the face, the tied hair and the passion for fashion unite the two brothers. To join them also the cheering for their favorite team, Roma. It is no coincidence that among the most beautiful shots posted on Instagram by Jacopo there is one in which he and Damiano smile next to Francesco Totti, a former Giallorossi player.

Jacopo David, just like Damiano, is very reserved. If the leader of the Måneskin has found love with Giorgia Soleri, the older brother has been linked for about four years with a young woman named Alice. The David brothers, as you can guess from the social networks, have an excellent relationship.

“A lifetime ago, I was a different person – said Damiano some time ago, talking about his style -: I wore my hair short and neat, I played basketball, I didn’t sing. Then, the revolution: thanks to a group of crazy friends, who encouraged me to be as I like: at first I hid to avoid the free comments that made me anxious. At a certain point I understood: the one who yells at me certain things has to hide ”.

Jacopo, the brother of Damiano David of the Maneskin

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