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“He is in a pharmacological coma, hopes reduced”

“He is in a pharmacological coma, hopes reduced”
“He is in a pharmacological coma, hopes reduced”

Michele Merlo is in a pharmacological coma. It was the father of the very young singer-songwriter who gave the news, joined by a journalist from TG Bassano.

It is from yesterday that on web we talk about nothing else. Initially it was just a few suspicious comments, but then unfortunately came the confirmation of the serious conditions in which the former protagonist of Friends, due to a brain hemorrhage which caught him in the night between Thursday and Friday.

Only 28 years old. So many dreams in the drawer. And legions of fans collected just during the participation before X-Factor and then to Friends of Maria De Filippi are tight around the family of Mike Bird and cheer for him.

Just yesterday, through a press release, it was explained that Michele is hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the Maggiore hospital in Bologna. And it is there that the singer-songwriter underwent an emergency surgery following a cerebral hemorrhage triggered by a sudden fulminant leukemia.

We reached out by phone to the father who told us that Michele he underwent a very delicate surgery – said the reporter –. He is now kept in a medically induced coma, but the hopes of his recovery, he told us, are really reduced to a flicker. The world of music has mobilized to make its closeness felt to Michele, the Mike Bird of Friends, and his family. Michele that we have interviewed on several occasions in our studios, to tell about his musical journey, from talent show of Maria de Filippi to the path as a songwriter and his professional victories. The next few hours will be decisive“.

Below, the video with some more details on what happened:

In the last few hours it has been a mother Katia to ask everyone to give their child a thought:

All the staff of he is united in prayer to the family Merlo. Power Michele!


pharmacological coma hopes reduced

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