Restaurants, swimming pools, curfew at midnight: what changes tomorrow

Restaurants, swimming pools, curfew at midnight: what changes tomorrow
Restaurants, swimming pools, curfew at midnight: what changes tomorrow

ROME. The easing of anti-Covid measures passes above all to the shift of one hour of the curfew (from 11pm to midnight) for the regions in the yellow zone (less and less). Restrictions to a minimum in the white ones. In the country that is gradually moving towards the abandonment of anti-contagion restrictions towards a total white zone, the only knot still to be solved remains the date on the opening of discos. But the issue has now entered the agenda and a first conversation with the ministerial technicians will start on Tuesday. The managers of the premises ask that the government express itself as soon as possible to provide certainties, which will therefore arrive in the coming days.


Following the entry of the regions in the white zone due to the reduction of the effects of Covid, the governors signed the ordinances to regulate the various activities in the area. In this way the theme and amusement parks, even temporary ones, reopen; swimming pools and swimming centers in covered facilities; the wellness and spa centers. Private parties, weddings and religious ceremonies can be held outdoors and indoors. As for restaurants, lunches and dinners, even indoors. Green light to trade fairs (including local festivals and fairs), large trade fairs, congresses and conferences; gaming and betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos, cultural centers, social centers and leisure centers as well as training courses are also open. Until 21 June 2021, in the white zone, table consumption in indoor spaces is allowed for catering services for a maximum of six people per table, unless they are all cohabitants. In relation to dance halls and discos, the provisions of the national decree apply, it being understood that the restaurant and bar activities are equivalent to the others. The use of the ski lifts in ski areas and in any case for tourism purposes, in the white or yellow zone, must respect the limits on the number of passengers.
Income tripled
The proceeds tripled in the first weekend of reopening even indoors in the approximately 360 thousand Italian bars, restaurants, pizzerias and farmhouses that can finally set all the available seats, outdoors and indoors, to the advantage of the entire supply chain with unsold food and wines after the long stop and go. This is what emerges from an analysis by Coldiretti in underlining that this is a turning point that raises the total supply of seats at the table available to citizens and tourists along the Peninsula to over 7 million, guaranteeing indoor protection even where it has hit. bad weather. On the weekend in which most of the weekly turnover is achieved, it is a breath of fresh air for the majority of venues which – underlines Coldiretti – do not have open spaces in Italy especially in the historic centers of the cities where, despite the facilities granted from the municipalities for the pandemic, the seats available are limited between sidewalks and traffic. If the clarification on the tables divides friends and groups in the places inside the premises, the curfew also remains to limit the activity to Italians who are not in the white area even if – continues Coldiretti – from Monday it moves to 24.
Longer times
An important extension for farmhouses that are located in rural areas far from the cities and therefore reachable in longer times by guests from urban centers. Despite this, the campaign remains one of the most popular destinations during the weekend thanks to the fact that with the reopening of the service inside – underlines Coldiretti – the seats at the table rise to about half a million. A measure expected by the 24 thousand Italian farmhouses which, moreover, often located in isolated areas in family structures with a limited number of beds and tables and with large open spaces, are perhaps – Coldiretti specifies – the safest places where it is most easy to ensure compliance with safety measures to defend against contagion outside the home. It is no coincidence that the campaign – concludes Coldiretti – has thus become the second destination of the summer holidays immediately after the sea – underlines Coldiretti – precisely due to the health emergency that has changed the programs of a large slice of the national population.

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