I tell the Corriere – Why the new Rai headquarters in Milan is needed

I tell the Corriere – Why the new Rai headquarters in Milan is needed
I tell the Corriere – Why the new Rai headquarters in Milan is needed

Dear Aldo,
the contrariet of Zingaretti on the Rai headquarters at Portello in Milan, in the Corriere of 3 June, motivated by the defense of Lazio, the classic straw that breaks the camel’s back … In fact, the possibility offered to the citizens of Lazio to be able to choose the anti vaccine Covid seemed inappropriate, when, for example, the Lombard vaccine was administered in compliance with ministerial indications according to the age group and according to the pathologies, it had brought to light the dyscrasia of the offices of Zingaretti as secretary of the Democratic Party and governor of Lazio. Today it comes out, new Leopard ?, with the story of the new Rai headquarters in Milan that would isolate the capital … And then one wonders why the Democratic Party is struggling to expand its electoral support … What do you think?
Gabriella Veneroni

Gabriella’s way,
The question is not the work of Nicola Zingaretti. Zingaretti is good for the president of Lazio, he has efficiently managed the vaccine issue, and defends the jobs of his region; and in fact the show is an art and also a profession, it needs skills and professionalism that cannot be improvised. The question of whether Rai should coincide with Rome or extend its point of view to the entire country.
Paradoxically, just as the central government was giving up powers to the regional bureaucracies – and the mayors were left with little money and a lot of trouble; in fact a job that the Italians no longer want to do -, from the point of view of the cultural industry, Italy was becoming more and more Roman-centric. Not only are fictions about Totti filmed, but everyone speaks and thinks in Roman dialect, commissioners and songwriters, Popes and saints. Even the crimes – Olgiata, Simonetta Cesaroni, Er Canaro, Marta Russo … – become sagas if they take place within or immediately outside the great ring road, which in turn inspired a documentary that won the Golden Lion as best film at the Venice Film Festival.
It is obviously not a question of denying the evocative power of the eternal city, nor the breath of a great metropolis. For Rome over-represented. It has a strong identity, but it does not guard the national identity. Italy has a plural identity, fragmented in its immense province, with Alpine and Po valley components that are hardly mentioned. The provinces of Brescia and Bergamo together make up almost two and a half million inhabitants, slightly less than Rome: each valley is a world, there are extraordinary stories of work, the epicenter of the pandemic there, will also be that of rebirth; but the majority of the TV services set in the Roman markets, the interviews are made with righteously angry restaurateurs and hoteliers, who are a piece of Italy but not all of Italy. In short, if the new Rai headquarters in Milan will not be the piece of a bandwagon but of a cultural project, then it will serve.



My parents with a heart divided between Sweden and Italy

I wish the reader Chiara, who emigrated to Sweden, to be able to return to Italy sooner or later. I was born in Sweden 66 years ago and I lived my early childhood in that country, where they took care of all of us, 5 children, born between ’50 and ’59, thanks to a social and health system already at the time. vanguard. My father was not a brain on the run, but still on the run. A skilled specialized turner, a 27-year-old metalworker who started working at Ansaldo in Genoa at 14, then at 20 in the war, 4 years as a soldier in the Genio-Infantry of the Royal Army on the French-Greek-Albanian-Yugoslav front, at 23 on 8 September 1943 and finally 2 years in Milan at the Caproni Aeroplani in Taliedo as a workforce for war purposes until the end of the Second World War. Sweden as a mirage of peace, serenity, prosperity, thanks to its neutrality during the war. Pap expatriates along with tens of thousands of turners, millers. He and my mother were homesick for their dear Italy, albeit guilty of so many disasters. They went to Swedish friends to enjoy the masterpieces of Italian cinematic neorealism, broadcast on state TV in the original language, then the Sanremo Festival. For Dad, he had a well-paid job, a nice house, we had a happy childhood. We returned to Italy in the first half of the 60s. My father remained with a divided heart until the end of his days, like so many expatriates. I think the words of a song by Gaber perfectly convey the idea: I don’t feel Italian, but fortunately or unfortunately I am.
Enrico Spallanzani, Monasterace (Reggio Calabria)


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Corriere Rai headquarters Milan needed

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