M5S, there is a queue to make Giuseppe Conte lose in the supplementary rounds at Primavalle – Il Tempo

M5S, there is a queue to make Giuseppe Conte lose in the supplementary rounds at Primavalle – Il Tempo
M5S, there is a queue to make Giuseppe Conte lose in the supplementary rounds at Primavalle – Il Tempo

Francesco Storace

06 June 2021

In fact, the line would be there: all, one after the other, to go to the seats and fuck Giuseppe Conte. In Primavalle, gossips say, preparations are already underway. In Piazza Capecelatro the tastiest joke: “Come on, not even Padre Pio will save him”. It is good to explain to Conte the trouble he risks getting himself into with an adventure in which he would only have to lose, other than a seat in Parliament.

Let’s say that for the former prime minister, the supplementary match in October – coinciding with the municipal ones – in the popular Roman district would not be the best. He should do it almost secretly. Because there they won’t shower it with roses and flowers.

In those parts there is the town hall where Virginia Raggi lives and the less the appointment the better. Nor would it be convenient for Conte to play the game as a man of the people by taking the bus: even in the area every now and then one of them is on fire, you never know. You let Roberto Fico do these things …

However, Giuseppi asks, asks, questions. But is it so difficult to become honorable? Of course, principal, there are the votes, the pentastellati of the area answer him who would like to run one of them, of the territory, and not the intruder. In the neighborhood they hold the presidency of the town hall (expiring) and maybe the appetite comes with eating for them too.

Meanwhile, the usual polls are being carried out, and there is one in which the Giallorossi army would be at 46.9 percent and the center-right at 46.3, practically on par. But there is one detail of no small importance. With the elections to be convened to coincide with the municipal ones – with Raggi on one side and Roberto Gualtieri on the other as well as the usual Carlo Calenda in the pigeon house – how could Pd and Cinque stelle to field a common candidate, even if the former premier?

Not even the rallies together could do, the stones would fly between them. And then, who stops them from the Democratic Party in the area, who already want to make the primary for the college? It’s not convenient. What do they do: the Democratic Party renounces its candidate for the Chamber of Deputies, further weakening the pull for the already weak of his Gualtieri? Do they do desistance instead of resistance? They would be really ridiculous, shooting them in the foot. The center-right would humiliate Conte with a barely decent candidacy.

The risk of trumpeting is very high, also because many think that Conte does not even know where Primavalle is. While in Primavalle everyone knows who Conte is… And this is the reason why many advise against a high-risk candidacy: “Taking part in the supplementary in autumn in the Roman college of Primavalle would be very risky, and Conte knows he cannot afford a possible thud. Better to think of something else, of the Movement to be redone ”, say his people. Among those who invite him not to join the fray is the former deputy minister Stefano Buffagni. Which is the one who least trusts the consensus that some attribute to Virginia Raggi. He confided to a friend: “Thus the damage becomes double”.

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