Saman Abbas, the latest news on the disappearance. Uncle in chat: “a job well done”. The mother: it is the only “solution” –

Saman Abbas, the latest news on the disappearance. Uncle in chat: “a job well done”. The mother: it is the only “solution” –
Saman Abbas, the latest news on the disappearance. Uncle in chat: “a job well done”. The mother: it is the only “solution” –

The killing of Saman? A job done well. Thus, with these terrifying words, the uncle defines the killing of the girl who disappeared into thin air in Novellara. The man, Danish Hasnain, 33 anni, the one who – according to the prosecutor’s office – would have materially killed the young woman. Delivered to him, on that cursed night between April 30 and May 1, by his parents: Shabbar, 46, e Nazia Shaheen, 47. The role of the latter in the crime – according to the Journal of Reggio which in today’s edition reports the judicial indiscretions – more and more shocking. Saman, always that night, just before being sent to die and being buried in the countryside, he hears her talking to someone about her killing.

The boyfriend’s story

the same young woman to clarify it in a voice message to her boyfriend (who will then tell the investigators). The girl hears that that would be the only solution to punish a girl who he wants to oppose arranged marriage in Pakistan and live freely, Western-style. Were they talking about her? what the 18-year-old thought writes the Journal. So much so that Saman asks Nazia immediately afterwards. Which obviously denies: he justifies those words as referring to an event that occurred some time before in his homeland. But Saman doesn’t believe it. With her boyfriend a few moments later she lets loose like this: I heard it with my own ears, I swear they were talking about me ….

Saman Abbas, the latest news

If you don’t hear me call the police

That Saman feared a certainty for his life. Her boyfriend repeated it several times to the carabinieri. She even told him: If I do not make myself heard for more than 48 hours, notify the police ….

The role of the uncle

In this hallucinating scenario, the criminal determination of the Danish uncle, a man with a personality who probably managed to impose himself on the choices of his parents. Let’s remember: to him that Shabbar and Nazia entrust the girl, accompanying her for about fifty meters (but without knowing that they are being filmed by the surveillance cameras) along a dirt path that goes towards the greenhouses of the farm for which he has been working for years there. entire Abbas clan. The images show Shabbar stopping at a certain moment, apparently fumbling with his mobile phone. Nazia, who knows what state of mind inside, accompanies her daughter towards death for a few more meters. Then nothing. Except ten minutes later to see his father reappear: he leaves the house, retraces the road and comes back with the backpack that Saman had on his shoulders shortly before. In the following days, all the Abbas gradually disappear.

Check at the border

The investigations veered towards the murder trail when Saman’s sixteen-year-old brother was arrested in the province of Imperia on 9 May (a date on which none of the family was still wanted for murder). Which immediately briefly tells what would have happened. Adding that he is afraid of his uncle. Who among other things dragged him with him on the escape together with his cousins, the 28-year-old Ikram Ijaz (later stopped in Nimes while trying to reach Spain) and Nomanulhaq Nomanulhaq, 33. The Journal of Reggio writes that they would all be checked at the border between Italy and France. More in detail, al Corriere della Sera it appears that that 9 May uncle and nephew are arrested in Imperia, both are undocumented. Saman’s brother detained in a family home and Hasnain is invited to regularize his position at the police station the following day. This does not happen: the man disappears, but at that point the investigators, informed of the presence of the minor, go to pick up the boy and accompany him to a protected facility in Emilia. And in fact: the murder investigation is taking off right now.

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