Deaths in corso Europa, the accusation: “Unsafe shelters for pedestrians and cars”

Deaths in corso Europa, the accusation: “Unsafe shelters for pedestrians and cars”
Deaths in corso Europa, the accusation: “Unsafe shelters for pedestrians and cars”

“Investigate the killer canopies of corso Europa ». The appeal to the Genoese judges comes from the family of Guido Grassi, the 68-year-old Genoese businessman who on the evening of January 12, 2020 died in a charred car together with the waiter of the “Seven Noses” Bruno Lauria, 23, in a tragic accident deadly in Corso Europa caused by the impact with the bus shelter. Shelter which, according to what has been reconstructed, catapulted the vehicle into the air causing it to ignite on impact with the asphalt.

The lawyers of the Grassi family in recent days have presented an opposition to the request for dismissal of the Prosecutor who, in the course of more than a year of investigation, did not report any crime. For the magistrates, the shelters were at the origin of the accident (“the contact with this artifact – writes the prosecutor – caused its progressive lifting and simultaneous screwing clockwise”), but in the last five years they have not caused other details or very serious road accidents such as to assume that they have a deficit in terms of reliability.

Four years of alarms

For the lawyers of the victim’s family members, however, the origin of that double fatal accident is to be found in the precarious security of the Genoese roads. Safety that, according to the lawyers, was also denounced by the Permanent Observatory for the monitoring of road accidents which, in its latest version of 2017, raised more than a doubt about the bus shelters that caused the death of Grassi and Lauria . And the report of the Observatory – a super team of policemen, agents and specialists in road accidents coordinated by the Prefecture – was attached to the records of the request for opposition to the filing.

Especially in the part in which he denounces the dangerousness of the shelters and the urgent need to install protections such as to prevent road accidents such as the one in which Grassi and Lauria lost their lives: “The concrete building in Corso Europa, to protect pedestrians on their way towards the bus stop, – write the Observatory’s road safety experts – has one conformation such that a vehicle, in the event of loss of control, does not stop, but after hitting it, it could also be thrown in the opposite direction of travel by rolling over on its side ».

“Immediately attenuators”

In the months preceding the tragic fatal accident, the Observatory invited the Municipality to install bollards to avoid other accidents: “The current conformation – the experts add – is to be considered particularly dangerous for pedestrians, therefore, we propose the installation of shock absorbers on all the existing curbs in Corso Gastaldi and Corso Europa ». To understand, these are structures that allow the absorption of part of the energy developed in the collision, helping to reduce the consequences of the impact on vehicles. For this reason, now the relatives of Grassi (an entrepreneur in the beauty sector and well known in Genoa as an animator of nightlife) are asking the judges to investigate the safety of the Genoese roads and are targeting the Municipality’s anti-road accident prevention campaign.

Waiting for the decision

The judge accepted all these observations and reserved the right to decide in the coming weeks. It has two ways. Ratify the filing requested by the Genoese magistrates and close the case or arrange for new investigations, perhaps by recommending an expert opinion on the dangerous road to the Prosecutor’s Office. In that case the investigation would start over and it could also be extended to those who had road management.

In the tragic crash, in which he also played a role the speed of the car driven by Grassi, a third passenger, Giuseppe Lunetta, 20 years old, who was inside the vehicle and managed to get out before it caught fire, was unharmed. The Municipality, on the other hand, consulted by the 19th century, points out that it awaits the decisions of the judiciary.

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