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Bologna, 6 June 2021 – “This week the rate of incidence it is about 36 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Me too’Rt holds below 1, fixing around 0.68“he said Gianni Rezza, director of prevention of the Ministry of Health, commenting on the latest monitoring of Covid-19 data. The occupation of terapie intensive e non-critical Covid departments are respectively of 10 e 9%.

An epidemiological situation, the improvement of which is constantly increasing and shows no signs of stopping. The week before, the Italian RT was 0.72 and the incidence (how many positive cases there are per 100 thousand inhabitants) was 51. Abandoned, then, the criticality threshold of 50 cases out of 100 thousand, which decides the color (yellow if above, white if below).

On Monday 7 June the Veneto officially enters the white zone. This is because it has recorded an incidence under 50 for three weeks already. It will also be a ‘white Monday’ for Abruzzo, Liguria and Umbria.
Confirmed, however, on 21 June for the white area of ​​the Marche. In Emilia-Romagna, the situation is stable with a general decline in all contagion indices.

Let’s see all the data in detail with the analysis of monitoring number 55, referring to week from 24 to 30 May. (Here the analysis of the previous monitoring).

Emilia Romagna

This will be thelast week in the yellow zone for Emilia-Romagna. Then from Monday 14 the white zone will arrive and, first of all, we will say goodbye to curfew.

The latest bulletin from Emilia Romagna

L’incidence it dropped almost precipitously, leaving the value of 47.73 for a comforting one 27.62. Follows theindice Rt which goes from 0.72 to 0.69.
Also very good with i weekly cases. No more 2,100 or 2,900 like the previous weeks, but 1.228.

The terapie intensive are in line with national data. According to data from Agenas, the National Agency for Regional Health Services, their employment as of June 4 is al 10% (on May 28 they were at 14%), i non-critical departments, instead, they go down to 7% from 9% the week before.

All monitoring ratings (virus spread probability, hospital impact and overall risk rating) have been ‘low’ for five consecutive weeks.


Indice Rt a 0.8. So stable for three weeks. It does not go down, but it is still below 1. On the other hand, the other values ​​are lower and, as the regional president also specified, Francesco Acquaroli: “also our region has reached the white zone numbers for the first time”.

L’incidence, in fact, for the first time it falls below the threshold of 50 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants: from 58.01 to 41.89. Ed thus began the countdown to reach the white zone: it takes three consecutive weeks with an incidence below 50.

Less and less i weekly cases, which this time they were 629, compared to 871 from 17 to 23 May and 1,187 from 10 to 16 May,

All the evaluation criteria of monitoring are ‘bass‘for the fourth consecutive week. Also because the occupation of terapie intensive is even better than the national figure and he had never seen. Therefore, on 4 June the therapy I’m al 9% (last week they were at 14% and in Italy they are at 10%), while i non-critical departments I’m at8% (11% a week ago, while in Italy 9% are employed).

Two more weeks in the yellow zone, then also for the Marche there will be the go-ahead.


The region is ahead of the others e from Monday 7 June it will be white. This because the incidence continued to decline. From 50.76 two weeks ago to 34.27 last week, up to present value which is of 24.65 and it is also better than the national incidence, which stops at 36.

The latest bulletin of the Veneto

It has subsided yet the Rt index, albeit slightly: from 0.69 to 0.64 (National Rt: 0.68). While I weekly cases They were 1.196. There had been 1,663 from May 17 to 23, 2,463 from May 10 to 16.

It is safe to say that hospital wards are semi-empty. The occupation of terapie intensive it fell by 6% a 5%, i non-critical departments from 5% a 4%.

All the evaluation criteria of monitoring are ‘bass‘ gives five consecutive weeks.

That of the white zone, “is the first goal we wanted to achieve”, said the regional president, Luca Zaia. His ordinance is ready.

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