Italy, like you, no big names in Europe

Italy, like you, no big names in Europe
Italy, like you, no big names in Europe

It usually shows up almost secretly, accompanied by poisons and scandals. It also happened to Lippi’s Italy in 2006, turned upside down by Calciopoli before becoming world champion in Berlin. Now it arrives, however, launched at the European Championship. Like none of the national teams that aim to arrive in London for the Wembley final and to raise the cup. Better than any favorite. Mancini’s path was extraordinary: 27 games without losing (22 successes and 5 draws), 8 victories in a row (an encore of the streak which then ended after 11 consecutive games and without scoring goals): never happened to the coaches who preceded him. ) and only 1 goal conceded in the last 12 matches. Even if the opponents weren’t top-tier, the series of useful results weighs heavily, considering the blue habit of snubbing the less valued and getting excited only when the water is in the throat.
Italy’s unbeaten run, which began on 10 October 2018 with the draw against Ukraine, makes noise when compared to the performance of the others. Limited series. Just the world champion France, with 16 races, seems to be up to the Mancini national team. Belgium, in 1st place in the Fifa ranking (Azzurri in 7th), must be satisfied with 6. Indeed, Ronaldo’s Portugal, Spain and England, are 5. Just 1 for Germany. The Azzurri are the only ones, among other things, to have never lost since the European qualifiers began in March 2019. And they defend well, with the best average goals conceded: 0.32. Lukaku’s Belgium still deserves the first place in the world ranking: playing the same matches (19), he scored more goals than Italy in the abundant 2 years taken into consideration (68 to 50) and collected 1 point more (52 to 51) .
Meanwhile, there are those who manage to beat Mancini (0-1). The success remains, however, in Coverciano: on the Bearzot field of the federal technical center, the Under 20 team of Bollini took the satisfaction of winning against the blue reserves. The home test is not an official match, as was the one against Pontedera (1-2), again in the football ranch under the Fiesole hill. Except that the friendly in which D’Arrigo with his Serie C2 team, on April 6, 1994, sent Sacchi’s 4-4-2 into a tailspin (later world runner-up in the USA), was cataloged as real. For 90 minutes, to understand each other. Now, however, just 20 have been played in time, just to increase the group’s playing time. 14 players took to the field: those who entered the race in Bologna and also those who were not used against the Czech Republic. Sirigu, Toloi and Raspadori have strengthened the training of the youngsters. In the second half it was Meret, Emerson and Chiesa’s turn. Cangiano’s goal was decisive, a nineteen-year-old striker on loan last season at Ascoli and owned by Bologna. Left around at 10 ‘of the 1st half. Italy did not ignite, going to the minimum. And none of the reserves have given any signs that they could push Mancini to change interpreters by Friday, the European debut match against Turkey at the Olimpico: the performance of Emerson and Chiesa was normal, Belotti out of condition. In the second half the goalkeepers are ok. Always out Verratti, Pellegrini met again. After the match in the family, the return home also for the 14 (the owners have anctipato the departure). The 26 will return to Florence tonight by 10pm. Non Sensi, of course. Tonando al Pontedera, the similarity lies in the draw canceled by the Azzurri. Collina denied Massaro the goal for the 2-2 (ball over the line) as well as Fiero did with Di Lorenzo for the 1-1 (it is not known if he was offside on a throw by Pellegrini).



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