the partner was reported for concealment of a corpse

the partner was reported for concealment of a corpse
the partner was reported for concealment of a corpse

The companion of Luca De Maglie, 37, the man found dead in a suitcase Saturday morning at dawn in Piazza Federico Sacco, in the Monte del Pecoraro area in Pietralata, was reported on the loose for concealment of the corpse. The body carried with a trolley outside the couple’s apartment was partially protruding and for this the woman would have used plastic bags and adhesive tape to try to hide the corpse. On the causes of man’s death – at the moment the hypothesis remains that of overdose – it will be the autopsy ordered by the Judicial Authority to reveal the real causes of death.

Reported for neglect of a minor

Thirty-nine years old, De Ceglie’s partner last April 8th was at the center of another episode that hit the headlines. In particular, the woman had been denounced by the Carabinieri for abandonment of a minor. The soldiers of the Santa Maria di Soccorso station had intervened in via Luigi Belardi (where De Maglie died last Monday) after reporting a 2-year-old boy to 112 in a parked car. The car had been opened and the child saved by the Arma soldiers and the firefighters. The mother was found at home in a confused state. The child was entrusted to the grandmother and the woman, taken to hospital for investigations, was reported for neglect of a minor.

Corpse in suitcase in Pietralata

A shocking Saturday morning what the inhabitants of Pietralata experienced, which began at 7:00 am when an Atac driver found himself in front of a suitcase from which a human head could be glimpsed. Next to the trolley a blood trail. One hundred meters of blood that from piazza Sacco brought the police investigators who intervened on the spot up to a door at number 12 in via Luigi Belardi.

The trail of blood

Having identified the apartment from which the trail of blood had started, it was then the partner of Luca De Maglie who revealed the mystery to the police investigators. “I wanted to get rid of the body and I didn’t know how to do it“, the words of the 39-year-old to the policemen of the Flying Squad and the Sant’Ippolito Commissariat. Death of the man she had recently started dating again, which would have occurred on Monday evening (31 May). Returning home, the 39-year-old would have found mate already dead.

That De Maglie had been dead for a while also seems to be told by the testimony of a neighbor who reported having heard “a strong acrid smell in the condominium stairs, an incredible stench that I smelled this morning (yesterday ed) at 5 when I went out to take the dog out“.

Dead in the house for five days

As the days progressed, however, that lifeless body would become a problem that would lead the 39-year-old to get rid of the body. Stuffed in a suitcase for good and better, covered in the protruding parts with garbage bags and scotch and then abandoned in the street.

Doubts to be clarified

Pending the outcome of the autopsy examination, which will clarify the causes of Luca De Maglie’s death, there are still many aspects to be clarified. In addition to the date of death, it remains to be understood which drug, if any, killed the 37-year-old, as well as whether he could have been saved if he had been rescued in time. It also remains to be ascertained whether in the five days in which the man’s body remained at home it was seen by someone who may have visited the apartment.

Finally, it remains to be ascertained whether the woman did everything by herself and the reasons for which blood dripped from the suitcase, given that no obvious signs of violence were found on the man’s body. Among the hypotheses that could be the liquids of the decaying corpse.

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