Mottarone cable car: accident recorded in a video by security cameras

Mottarone cable car: accident recorded in a video by security cameras
Mottarone cable car: accident recorded in a video by security cameras

From the approach to the station to the collapse of the cabin: the video, recorded by the security cameras, of the accident at the Mottarone cable car lasts twenty-four seconds (PHOTO – THE VICTIMS – THE PREVIOUS). The images were acquired by the carabinieri and are in the proceedings of the Verbania prosecutor’s office.

The movie

The images show cabin number 3, with the fifteen passengers on board, preparing to enter the station. It is 12.12, as the investigators note. “At a certain point a rope breaks which causes the cabin to soar and its consequent return at uncontrolled speed towards pylon three – explains who among the Weapon investigators has seen those images – There the cabin falls to the ground” . The sequence of the images will be essential to help investigators understand what caused the breaking of the towing cable, one of the two contributing causes of the accident together with the failure of the emergency brake due to the presence of the shoes. In the meantime, the investigations of the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Verbania continue “without pause” to “reconstruct the exact dynamics of the accident and establish with certainty the responsibilities”.

The investigations


Mottarone cable car, open investigations on a track managed by Nerini

Yesterday, the chief prosecutor Olimpia Bossi met Colonel Alberto Cicognani and Captain Luca Geminale at the courthouse. The meeting served, among other things, to agree on the timing of the next investigations and the inspection on the mountainside where, on May 23, cabin 3 of the cable car crashed to the ground, dragging the lives of 14 people with it. The word, from next week, will pass to the technical consultants.

The points to be clarified

There are many points to be clarified: first of all because a cable designed to last an eternity has broken, built to withstand an effort up to 5 times greater than that to which it is subjected, inspected by the Leitner company on November 20 with regular magnetographic verification. The prosecutor wants an “unrepeatable technical assessment”, while the lawyer Marcello Perillo, defender of the head of service Gabriele Tadini, the only suspect under house arrest, would like to speed up the times with a super partes report ordered directly by the court with the formula of ” evidentiary accident “. The lawyer’s collaborators, Andrea Gruttadauria and Riccardo Falco, began to examine a number of photos retrieved mainly from the internet. In the case file there are, for now, the two videos (lasting 24 and 30 seconds) that a carabinieri marshal made by filming with his mobile phone the video surveillance footage with the last moments of the accident.
Another puzzle is the condition of the braking system: Tadini was talking about a mysterious failure which, however, the specialized technician of a Turin company, who intervened on May 3, was unable to identify. The maintenance company Leitner (which receives € 127,000 per year from the cable car for maintenance) had carried out two interventions and the third was already planned. An employee said there had been three cases of overlapping of ropes since 2002. Every now and then, it was necessary to change or repair a roller. The last time it happened just the day before the tragedy, May 22, on pylon number 3.

Next week attorney consultants analysis on booth

The prosecutor’s team of consultants will go up to Mottarone next week to understand how to remove the carcass of the cabin and also the part of the device that, in the fall, got stuck inside a tree and which could hold very important information. A cable car attendant, Pietro Tarizzo, from the arrival station saw that “the last meters of the rope were open”. The cable, made up of strands wrapped around a core, was “strecciated”. But it will be necessary to find the exact point of the break, whether at the height of the “fused head” (the junction between the cable and the cab system) or elsewhere, and it will have to be examined for its entire length: it seems six kilometers. As for the causes, the mystery is dense. A lightning bolt could have created a kind of “lump” that weakened the strands: but it is only a school hypothesis.

The memory on the occasion of the 207 years of the Arma

The 14 victims of last May 23, and the commitment of the carabinieri in rescue operations and investigations, were remembered on the occasion of the 207th anniversary of the Arma at the headquarters of the Provincial Command. The ceremony took place in the presence of the prefect of Verbano Cusio Ossola, Angelo Sidoti, and of the provincial commander, Colonel Alberto Cicognani. Among the main operations of the last year, the one on the Mottarone was also mentioned.
“The first activities of the Carabinieri focused on rescuing the injured, identifying the victims and technical surveys aimed at reconstructing the incident – observes the provincial command -. The subsequent investigative activity led to investigating three subjects considered in a short time. responsible, at least on the basis of what has been reconstructed so far, for what happened “.

Tomorrow USB and Pap garrison in Stresa

A garrison in Stresa to remember that “the 14 victims of Mottarone and the workers who died in the last 48 hours, victims of profit at all costs”. This is the initiative announced for tomorrow by the basic union union and Power to the people. The appointment is at 10.30 in piazzale Lido. “The tragedy of Mottarone – is the text of the announcement – is a metaphor for the working conditions and management of many infrastructures in Italy: a country in which, during the pandemic, there was a worrying growth in deaths at work, while the employers have relegated occupational safety to the last level so as not to question their own profits. We invite citizenship and the world of work to participate to reaffirm the radical rejection of a devastating, criminal and murderous production model “.

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