When a car “shot down” a fighter

When a car “shot down” a fighter
When a car “shot down” a fighter

No, this is not a typo, nor a sudden, bursting entry into the Volkswagen in the aeronautical field: only of a Ukrainian aviation officer who got behind the wheel of his Touran, a generous minivan with the frame slightly raised, and has “knocked down” a Mig-29 Fulcrum, 4th generation air superiority fighter. Obviously the fighter jet was on the runway.

To report the bizarre news was the same Central Command of the Ukrainian Air Force, which publicly announced the details of the incident that took place last March 10, when the military, prey to the alcohol fumes, “veered” too early or too late, hitting the afterburner of the Mig which was being towed along the taxiway of the Vasylkiv air base, inCentral Ukraine. The base, according to information available online, hosts the 40th Tactical Aviation Brigade of which Fulcrum was part pulled down.

Fortunately, on board the Mig – which was heavily damaged – there was no one. No pilot had to eject to avert the fire. While the driver of the minivan, who had all the airbags exploded as the only safety equipment, sustained minor injuries to the face and chest. According to command sources, he was a 47-year-old captain of the Ukrainian Air Force, now undergoing criminal investigation. The Touran, which appeared in photos on Twitter, is definitely to be scrapped. It was not possible to state with certainty whether the damage reported by the Mig – which also affected the nozzle and the front section – could result in total loss. Consider that the unit price of an (updated) aircraft of this type, developed at the time of the Soviet Union and still produced by the Russian Federation which exports it to numerous countries, is 29 million dollars.

According to what was reported by the specialized magazine The Drive, who reported an interview with a volunteer who fought during the Donbass crisis in 2014, the man allegedly admitted, without too many words: “Our first enemy is the Russian separatists and mercenaries, the second is the Ukrainian high command, but the third is alcohol, it is almost impossible to fight it“This singular incident, which resulted in the more than likely loss of one of the thirty-five fighters that together with the Su-27 Flankers represent the backbone, as well as the spearhead of the Ukrainian Air Force, does not confirm it.

The problem also appears to be far from being close to resolution. According to the Kiev government in fact, much of the military personnel that has been mobilized since the beginning of the Donbass crisis – crisis not yet subsided despite Moscow’s quasi-official annexation of Crimea – should be included among the “alcoholics and drug addicts“, as well as”idiots“. The former probably encountered post-traumatic stress disorders, which are often mitigated by the abuse of these substances, while the latter, unfortunate to say, must have been born just like that. But this is a problem that concerns the whole It is certainly not exclusive to Ukraine.

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