I believe in denunciation rap but it is time for lightness with commercial pop »- Corriere.it

I believe in denunciation rap but it is time for lightness with commercial pop »- Corriere.it
I believe in denunciation rap but it is time for lightness with commercial pop »- Corriere.it

We had left them “One step away from the moon”, we find them exchanging “A kiss suddenly». Rocco Hunt e Ana Mena come back to heat again this summer with a new dose of pop, reggaeton and bachata. Last year’s partnership between the rapper and hitmaker from Campania and the Spanish starlet brought amazing results: “One step away from the moon” has exceeded 350 million streaming, has nine platinum discs between the Italian and Spanish versions, has entered the charts of Latin America, Spain, France. A success that adds to the list of catchphrases of which Rocco Pagliarulo is the author, since «Roma – Bangkok» by Baby K and Giusy Ferreri to many songs written with Boomdabash, including «Karaoke».

Never change a winning team?

“It is said that music is disposable but Ana and I have done a little miracle, which is to make it last One step away from the moon for more than a year, so it was natural to have a follow up. And then a beautiful friendship was born between us ».

“We are two boys from the south, I from Salerno and she from Malaga. That visceral south made up of traditions and popular contaminations. She sang flamenco as a child, I used to sing Neapolitan songs ».

“I don’t know if my wife approves, but Ana has a sensual and sweet tone that at times recalls that of a child, with Spanish overtones.”

“I think it’s a return that people wanted. Working on many summer hits I have seen that encores work. It is clear, however, that next year we will have to do something new: three consecutive times no ».

“Smash” often has a negative meaning.

«I have written serious pieces in my life, but this is not and it is done on purpose. Just think if a heavy song came after the past few months! In any case, no one claims to please everyone, but even those who speak badly of the catchphrases at least once, hearing them, a smile does it ».

Is there an annual rush to hit the spot?

“Fortunately I’m an atypical summer singer and I don’t consider myself a victim of the catchphrase contest. They are not like those who come out in May and leave in September, the “Bublé del Natale”. I have a career even in winter ».

He is also among the most heartfelt Italians in the world on Spotify.

“I was also first on the radio in Spain: it didn’t happen at Laura or Eros. Finally we Italians are a little cool and I’m happy for Måneskin too, they come from nothing and have historic results. They evoked the nostalgia of rock, I did it with pop-rap: I hope others will be added ».

In 2014 his «Nu juorno buona» won Sanremo among the new proposals.

«It was the first time for a rap song, I was talking about my land and hope, but there were words in Neapolitan and I was afraid of not being understood. Seven years later, rap on TV has become natural and even the Neapolitan is cool again ».

How do you reconcile the hitmaker side and the rapper side?

«I have two souls but Rocco is always behind me. Rap and social denunciation are my true essence, but within me there has been an evolution and I have done some powerful things on a commercial level ».

Commercial for you is …?

«A compliment means to please many, even my grandmother and my son. I changed social status with music, why deny it. It would make no sense to talk about street or revenge if they no longer belong to me. But I don’t miss an angry soul and I don’t forget my origins ».

A couple of years ago, on social media, he announced his farewell to music.

“That wasn’t the message. It was a momentary disappointment that I wanted to share with the fans. But I sinned of immaturity, I could have avoided. I never thought of giving up ».

At 26, he already has a family: does his son love his hits?

“At 4, he’s a living spoiler. So in March the teacher called my wife asking what this “sudden kiss” was that she heard singing from her class … ».

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