Rome, corpse in a suitcase: horror in Pietralata

Rome, corpse in a suitcase: horror in Pietralata
Rome, corpse in a suitcase: horror in Pietralata

“I was afraid that they would not let me see my son again, so I immediately thought of hiding Luca’s body in the suitcase and making it disappear at least until the day of visit in the family home where my child is”. Alma Reale, 39, utters disjointed sentences, is still agitated in front of the Flying Squad and IV District agents who interrogate her for hours. At 2 am between Friday and Saturday, the woman dragged the trolley with her partner’s body inside, Luca De Maglie, 37 years old – presumably struck down by an overdose – outside the apartment in via Bellardi to piazza Federico Sacco, in Pietralata, Eastern suburbs of Roma. She left him there, next to a parked car and then went home as if nothing had happened, trying to erase the traces and the nauseating smell of the rotting body with bleach.

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To give the alarm just before 7 am yesterday morning is a driver of the Atac 111 line which terminates right on the clearing. He had observed that “strange black bustier wrapped in parcel tape and a curtain” inside the trolley already when he started the shift at 4.45, but then when it began to dawn he distinguished the shape of a head and an arm and, frightened , Did you call the police. On the spot the agents of the Volanti, of Sant’Ippolito and also those of the Scientific Police who isolated the place and started the investigations. They noticed some traces of blood along the road to the sidewalk that leads to via Bellardi. The broken wheels of the trolley appear, then the broken handle. The trail leads to number 12 between the curtained buildings of the Ater. Then, however, it stops on the second floor where the air becomes acrid with the smell of bleach. The agents follow him to the fifth floor.

In the palace, someone said they heard a lot of commotion from Alma’s house during the night. Cops knock on her door and lead her to their offices. But what happened? According to what was reconstructed by the investigators, De Maglie, various precedents for drugs and crimes against heritage behind him, would have died a few days earlier from an overdose from the inhalation of crack, heroin and opiates and the woman, instead of calling for help, would have got rid of it by hiding it in the suitcase. On the evening of April 8, Alma was denounced by the carabinieri of the Santa Maria del Soccorso station for neglect of a minor: she had “forgotten” her 2-year-old son in the Fiat Panda parked a few meters from home. And, given his drug addiction problems, the child was temporarily placed in social services.


“Thursday I had to see him again but if the police had discovered the body in the house or investigated for drugs – explained the 39-year-old – I was afraid that it would have been taken away from me forever”. The death of De Maglie, according to an initial response from the coroner, should date back to a few days ago. Last Sunday the couple’s last quarrel. Alma would also hit her partner with a bottle. It was not the first violent discussion, as confirmed by some neighbors: three weeks ago the agents of San Basilio had had to intervene to restore calm between the two and the so-called “Eva code” was activated to protect women victims of mistreatment. The woman said she returned home on Monday evening and found him dead.

On the body of the 37-year-old, whose health conditions were weak, no obvious injuries compatible with a murder were found. However, it will be the autopsy ordered by the prosecutor Francesco Basentini to clarify the exact dynamics, the day and time of death. It remains to be seen whether Alma did it all by herself. Because it does not fully convince the fact that she, petite and skinny, could have carried a weight of almost one hundred kilos, twice her weight, for over two hundred meters. A path along which there are no cameras, nor witnesses, at the moment, who would have reported having seen it in action. The woman was reported on the loose for concealing a body.


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