The move by Grillo & Co. to get the penalty discount

The move by Grillo & Co. to get the penalty discount
The move by Grillo & Co. to get the penalty discount

In the end on the case Ciro Grillo the turning point has come: the Tempio Pausania prosecutor has asked for the indictment of the son of the guarantor of the 5 Star Movement and his three Genoese friends. The preliminary hearing has been set for June 25: it will be held at 2 pm in front of the gup Caterina Interlandi, who will be asked to decide whether or not to send the boys to trial. The lawyers of the four young people would be taking into serious consideration and therefore considering to propose – in case of trial – the shortened procedure. A move that would make it possible to automatically obtain the discount of one third of the sentence, to avoid the hearing in the courtroom and to avoid the possibility of prison in the event of a conviction.

Grillo denied by friends

In recent days, Grillo jr has made spontaneous statements to clarify some circumstances, reiterating that Silvia “he was consenting“, that “it was all a game” is that “no one had made her drink“. And he would later add that he was not the one to appear in those obscene photos taken of Roberta (real name) while she was sleeping:”I’m not the one who did those things to the girl asleep on the sofa, at that moment I went to sleep“However, Ciro’s position is not perfectly symmetrical to the reconstructions provided by his friends.

The versions of Lauria and Capitta risk becoming a boomerang for Grillo. The first, in fact, reports The Republic, he would have described those moments as follows: “Initially it was me and Capitta and we take pictures of each other, then Grillo arrives and I think Edoardo took the picture for him“. A line that seems to coincide with that of Capitta:”We all did them a little bit. Indeed, Ciro also has a video. When I talk about ‘everyone’ I mean me, Lauria and Grillo, because Corsiglia wasn’t there“.

The wiretapping in the barracks

A detail of great importance also emerged. According to what has been learned from The print, at the end of August 2019 – more than a month after the alleged rape complaint – the four boys had been summoned to the Genoa Quarto barracks for the seizure of cell phones. Here, made to sit in a waiting room where some bugs were placed, the members of Ciro Grillo’s group would have missed a few sentences which would have leaked strong concern for videos and photos taken and on what was written in the chats after July 17 2019. We have already talked to you about the shock text messages that sprung up in conversations about “3 vs 1“in which it is admitted to be”rotten drunk“and to have”made a mess“.


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