Reclutamento Pa, the portal is born where every citizen can apply and monitor public competitions [con VIDEO GUIDA]

With the Recruitment Decree launched by the government, the Public Administration’s Recruitment Portal was also born on Friday evening. The space where every citizen can monitor competitive bids on a georeferenced interactive map, register through Spid, Cie and the National Service Charter.

The place where the meeting between demand and offer of public work will take place will be the Recruitment Portal: a new, revolutionary opportunity to implement the recruitment reform ensuring maximum digitization and maximum transparency of each selection.

As reported by the Department of Public Administration, the Portal will represent the single virtual gateway to the Public Administration both for ordinary public competitions, and for the extraordinary recruitment procedures linked to the implementation of the NRP. In a single space, each citizen will be able to monitor the calls competition of administrations on a georeferenced interactive map, register through Spid, Cie and the National Service Charter by entering your curriculum through a specific form, send the application form, pay the fee through PagoPa and follow the selection procedures from the start to the publication of the final rankings.

Further functions will concern the management of recruitment methods other than ordinary ones, such as training internships or fast track procedures provided for by the NRP or mobility experiences between EU administrations, starting with the Blue Book Traineeship.

The Portal will be a database of the needs, skills and profiles of public personnel. The 33 thousand Italian administrations will be able to set up recruitment based on their own skills needs, also through the creation of skillmatrix (cards for defining the characteristics of professional profiles, related skills and any necessary experiences). Those who aspire to work in the Public Administration, in turn, will be attracted to the positions that best fit their curriculum and will be able to choose the selections to participate in more effectively and targeted.

The Department of Public Administration will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the network of technical professions to create specific databases of professionals enrolled in the Registers. In the same way, it will activate a partnership with Linkedin, the largest platform for attracting professionals on the market, to amplify job opportunities in the Public Administration and target professionals who work in Italy and around the world in a targeted manner.

The projects for the recovery of the country will thus reach a much wider audience. The Portal – which will be launched by the summer with the first functionalities and then will be fully operational, with the release of the system and the migration to the cloud, by 2023 – it will thus become a place in which to design Italian innovation: a place to recruit the professionals of the Public Administration and photograph in real time the skills of public human capital.

For the logo of the Portal, the Department of Public Administration will launch an ideas competition aimed at students or professionals of graphics, design and visual arts who are under 30 years of age. There is time until July 7 to participate.


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