Weather, thunderstorms risk on this Sunday 6 June

Weather, thunderstorms risk on this Sunday 6 June
Weather, thunderstorms risk on this Sunday 6 June

The high African pressure is gradually withdrawing, exposing our peninsula to the transit of some disturbed impulses and above all to a marked one instability atmospheric. In particular, a perturbation flowing north of the Alps (n.3), linked to a vortex at high altitude, is touching the northern regions, while another more active (n.4), arriving from the western Mediterranean, will affect Italy between Sunday and Monday. The end result will be a marked increase in instability, therefore of the risk of showers and thunderstorms, particularly widespread and locally intense in the Center-North. And for the first part of next week no improvement is expected: due to the absence of high pressure, the atmosphere above Italy will remain very unstable, therefore favorable to the development of numerous reverses e temporal. In this situation, a thermal drop, especially where the highest peaks have been touched; thus, after the sudden jump above the average of the past few days, the temperatures will bring values ​​closer to the norm.

Weather forecast for Sunday 6th June

Time distinctly variable, with alternating cloud coverings and bright spells, a little wider and more lasting in the extreme Northwest, in the South and over Sicily. During the day possible development of showers e temporal locally intense especially in the north-east, eastern Lombardy, Liguria, central regions and Sardinia; short are not excluded showers also on the western Alps and the northern sectors of Campania and Puglia.
Temperature peaks slightly down in the North and in Sardinia, almost stationary elsewhere; still possible local spikes slightly over 30 degrees in the South and on Sicily.

Weather forecast for Monday 7th June

Risk of rain on Monday e temporal in the Center-North and in the inland areas of the South. Thunderstorms will be more likely and widespread in the areas close to the mountains and in the interior. Time will be more stable and sunny on Sardinia, Sicily and Calabria. Temperature almost stationary with only slight dips.


Weather thunderstorms risk Sunday June

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