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is investigated – Time
is investigated – Time

Domenico Alcamo

05 June 2021

It could not have been more tormented than this, the choice of candidates for mayor for the main cities. Thus, a tile falls on Annarosa Racca, president of Federfarma of Lombardy and with a great chance of being deployed for Milan. It is in fact investigated together with other people by the Turin prosecutor. The story at the center of the accusations dates back to 2017 and sees Marco Cossolo, president of Federfarma Torino as the victim. When the race for the national leadership of the association opened, Cossolo was a candidate.

Well, all of a sudden he saw himself being targeted by posts, coming from a woman’s Facebook profile, which attributed to him behaviors that were harmful to the association of pharmacists. Following a complaint by Cossolo, that profile had been deleted, as well as that of Racca herself, a coincidence that had particularly attracted the attention of the investigators. From the investigations it emerged that the profile of the anti Cossolo posts was a fake, managed by a pharmacist who would have been commissioned to do so by Camilla Morabito, whose company dealt with the public relations of Racca itself. Cossolo, however, managed to be elected in 2017.

The investigation into the whole affair, for defamation and person replacement, has reached the stage of notices of conclusion of the investigation. On the judicial level, it is a story that has yet to be written. We will see if all this will also have political implications and the name will continue to remain in the squad.

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