Glass-backed iPad Pro with wireless charging, iPad mini, and more – a myriad of leaked Apple news

Glass-backed iPad Pro with wireless charging, iPad mini, and more – a myriad of leaked Apple news
Glass-backed iPad Pro with wireless charging, iPad mini, and more – a myriad of leaked Apple news

iPad Pro with Apple M1 processor just hit the market, and there are already rumors about a new model, completely redesigned, which should arrive next year. To talk about Bloomberg, in an article in which we read that the next iPad Pro could have a glass back that will allow wireless charging. This is a unique feature on iPad, and typically very rare on tablets.

Benefiting from the generous battery featured on the iPad Pro, Apple is also testing support for the wireless reverse charging, so that the tablet can use its charge to charge other devices. The new iPad Pro, however, is currently in the initial phase of development, according to the article appeared on Bloomberg, so the usual plans could be revised or completely canceled before the year, currently scheduled for 2022.

In 2022 an all-new iPad Pro with glass back and wireless charging

If the plans go through, however, the new iPad Pro it could undergo the first major redesign since the new format was introduced in 2018. By adopting a glass back also on the iPad Pro, Apple could also bring the stylistic language between the tablet and the iPhone even closer, allowing functionality that would otherwise be impossible. With a metallic back, in fact, it is decidedly complicated to implement wireless charging, with Apple also trying to enable reverse charging functions, as already mentioned, to charge external devices with the large iPad battery.

Wireless charging would allow the iPad Pro to be placed on a charging surface, similar to what happens on iPhones, perhaps – according to the report – even with accessories that should very closely resemble the MagSafe system introduced with iPhones most recent.

The reverse charging via wirelessInstead, it would represent something completely new in the Apple ecosystem (but already present on some competing devices), and could allow iPad Pro owners to recharge compatible iPhones or AirPods simply by placing them on its surface by exploiting the residual charge of the battery built into the tablet. Past rumors gave the function on the iPhone 11 series as possible, but it did not arrive in the Apple smartphone family and not even present on the most recent iPhone 12.

New iPad mini and other news

Bloomberg also spoke of a new iPad mini, also with a new design that includes reduced frames and the absence of the Home button. The latest version of iPad mini dates back to 2019, when the Apple A12 Bionic processor and Apple Pencil support were introduced. In recent months there was talk of a new reinterpretation with a display from 8.5 to 9 inches that we would have seen already in March, but this did not happen. According to Bloomberg, the new product should arrive anyway in the coming months, with a design more in line with the iPad Air 4 and the new iPad Pro. By the end of the year, Apple is also expected to launch a new entry-level iPad.

Among the news in the pipeline discussed by Bloomberg also a multi-device Qi wireless charging pad, something that should remember the AirPower that was announced but never saw the light. Apple is also developing a true wireless charging device, which should power the devices even if they are arranged at short distances and not just induction. A concept that should remember what the Xiaomi competitor has already shown.

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