Horizon Forbidden West, this detail took “years” to develop

Horizon Forbidden West, this detail took “years” to develop
Horizon Forbidden West, this detail took “years” to develop

The development of Horizon Forbidden West requires a considerable commitment from the Guerrilla Games team, and a specific detail required «years»To be rendered at its best.

The new chapter of Aloy’s adventures is still without an official release date and, although it is at least plausible to hypothesize its release during the current year, there is still room for some doubts.

The news came via a post on PlayStation Blog, in which Hermen Hulst, head of PlayStation Studios, did not hide the leaden possibility that the game could slip to 2022.

Horizon Forbidden West is currently at the center of the debate along with God of War Ragnarok, another flagship title for Sony consoles by the now declared cross-gen nature. Both sequels will also be released on PS4, and the same Guerrila Games spoke of the role that the “old” console had in the gestation of the new episode.

We know that the continuation of Aloy’s story will allow us to explore the underwater world, option (absent in the first chapter) that will bring with it a large number of contents and novelties in the design and dynamics of the game.

To develop a technology capable of making the most of the behavior of water (including waves), the Guerrilla Games team took a really long time (via Gamesradar+).

The news comes directly from Mathijs de Jonge, director of Horizon Forbidden West, who wanted to provide some more details during an interview with GQ.

De Jonge stated that “the developers have spent an incredible amount of time making the water behave at its best. We are talking about years dedicated to this aspect “.

Returning once again to talking about the commitment made by the team, the director specified that “many may not have noticed it, but every vegetable rope is rendered individually».

In addition to being truly appreciable, the care that Guerrilla Games has dedicated to the sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn appears very necessary if we consider that the game will be set (at least in part) in the California area, with its characteristic natural landscapes.

Fans will be happy to learn this information, after reacting in an exciting way to a detail (as small as it is noteworthy) seen during the State of Play dedicated to the title.

But there is an element that has caused discussion: Aloy’s “new” appearance has sparked a series of controversial comments from some players (probably oblivious to the narrative setting of the work), convinced that the protagonist isnot very feminine».

If you are concerned about the cross-gen nature of Horizon Forbidden West, we advise you to take a look at the statements of the developers on what the game will look like in the PS5 version (ray-tracing and frame rate included).

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