“Area B, 90 more cameras on the way. And for the parking lots the turning point will be underground »- Corriere.it

“Area B, 90 more cameras on the way. And for the parking lots the turning point will be underground »- Corriere.it
“Area B, 90 more cameras on the way. And for the parking lots the turning point will be underground »- Corriere.it

Area B returning, le 90 new cameras that will turn on in the coming months at the Ztl gates, the parking spaces on the street to be halved with the need to find 10-15 thousand underground parking spaces, the 70 kilometers of metr that will arrive, the cycle paths made (above all: the Venice-Baires-Monza) and those to do (via Novara). Areas 30 and scooters. I really like what I’m doing, he says the commissioner Marco Granelli. Another five years at Mobility? In case of victory, the mayor will decide. I am in the service of the city. Let’s say that this role really offers the possibility of designing the city to come.

In the meantime, the regulated parking will restart on Wednesday and the Area B cameras will turn on again. Was it really necessary at this moment?
We moved by looking at the data and thanks to the work of Politecnico and Amat. The increase in traffic has been progressive and the congestion index has now reached 47 percent more than in the same period of 2019. At the moment we have 650,000 passengers on the metro, of which 105,000 students, 15-17 percent. We have chosen to intervene with the end of schools precisely in order not to burden the system and the capacity of the means, which is still reduced to 50 percent.

Are new cameras on the way?
On Wednesday we will turn on the usual 55, but another 90 will be in pre-operation in as many entry points. Gradually the new ones will also be activated as a sanction.

Will the first section of the M4 from Linate to Forlanini come into operation?
The works are finished and we have completed all the technical tests. For the second half of the month we await the last clearance from the ministry. Then in July we will decide, also in agreement with Sea. Flights are still very few, it must be said, around 15 percent compared to pre-Covid. We will evaluate, also in relation to health data.

And the other sections of line 4? Are we behind schedule?
Three months, due to a pandemic, in the section up to San Babila, which will come into operation at the end of next year. Something more, however, also due to the archaeological finds in via De Amicis, on the west section.

The horizon of the junta is 2030. How many more kilometers of subway will Milan have by that date?
We will arrive at 195 kilometers between subway and light rail. Sixty-eight more. With a 55 percent increase. There will be the M4, of course. The M1 will arrive in Bettola (the works restarted at the end of January and now it will take another two years of construction) and in Baggio (in 2027), while the M5 in Monza. And then 4 new tramways will be in operation, including the Santa Giulia-Forlanini that will connect the M3 to the M4, ready for the Olympics, and the one to the north, from Gobba to Certosa that we will complete thanks to the money from the Recovery fund. In the future, however, we will have to think about strengthening the southern quadrant of the city, so far the poorest in infrastructure.

When will ATM go back to full capacity?
It will depend on the choices of the government. We have already asked for the 50% capacity limit to be exceeded as soon as possible. Today 650,000 people go up on the subway, up from 1.3 million before the pandemic. In September, it will be impossible to maintain the 50 percent share between the universities that will return to full capacity and the smart working share of companies that will decrease. On the other hand, we believe it is difficult to return to pre-Covid levels in the short term.

Will the means be used less and less for fear of new viruses?
a big theme. For this reason the city will not abandon the differentiation of schedules successfully tested in recent months. It is also for these reasons that we must insist on increasing other types of mobility.

The hallmark of his mandate will remain the Corso Buenos Aires cycle path.
We have doubled the use of bicycles in the city, do you think it’s not much? Five years ago, the average number of cyclists was 6 percent of total road users, a percentage that rose to 10 within the Circle. We are now at 13-15 percent. We are closer to Europe. And the more people ride their bikes, the better the traffic gets.

A new cycle path before the end of the mandate?
Via Novara. We will start this summer. In the meantime, we are completing the Naviglio Pavese towpath.

Haven’t you pushed the scooters a little too hard?
They are a useful tool, but it is true that we have backtracked a bit, at least in terms of numbers. We remained stuck at six thousand in the sharing offer and we will not put more into circulation. At least until the code reduces the speed to 20 per hour and until there are people who use them improperly, for example on the sidewalks.

The challenge for the next few years?
Halve street parking. also written in our air-climate plan. We will have to find 10-15 thousand underground parking spaces. And then move on with zones 30: more will arrive soon. In via Salomone, in corso San Gottardo, all’Isola, in via Padova.

He would like to continue working as a councilor, he seems to understand.
I really like what I do, true, but the mayor will decide if I win. I am in the service of the city.

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