Mercato, an increasingly Premier-style Rome

Mercato, an increasingly Premier-style Rome
Mercato, an increasingly Premier-style Rome

A Premier size Rome. Inevitable thinking of Mourinho’s last 8 years between Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham. However, at least curious, considering that at the moment the English tournament is the most attractive and rich in the world. Ergo, salaries and cards are among the highest in circulation. But in opulence, bargains can often be found. Among those who do not play, those who want a change of scenery or players with a deadline of two years, the opportunities are not lacking. And that’s what the GM Pinto is trying to find, following the directions of the Special One. Lloris (Rui Pinto or Areola), Xhaka, Aké and Rudiger, are just some of the profiles that have been approached to Rome in the last period by England. Players who embody the North Star of the Special One football creed, also reiterated in the last two interviews released yesterday to The Sun and The Times: «I always think about the physicality of a team. A certain balance is needed. A team without balance is not a team. And therefore you cannot be great if you do not have that physicality ». Who, however, must know how to make room for quality: “When you have the physicality, you can afford to have two or three more creative players”. From this point of view, the new name that England approaches to Rome is that of Lucas Moura. The 28-year-old Brazilian was reborn with the cure-Mou. He was one of the few to defend him after the sensational elimination in the Europa League at the hands of Dinamo Zagreb (2-0 in the first leg and 0-3 in the return) but previously he had spent words of praise for the Special One: you need to tell about his talents. Everyone knows he is a winning coach and what he can give to a team. Before, I didn’t play much with Pochettino, but Mourinho gave me back my confidence, awareness of my skills and the opportunity to do well ». It is clear that a certificate of esteem is not enough to bring a player closer to a coach and consequently to the team he trains but the identikit of Lucas Moura – guarantee from London – is one of the profiles monitored by Rome. Also because Tottenham is ready for a revolution and this would start from the offensive department. The Brazilian earns 5.5 million but for the usual speech relating to the Growth Decree it would cost Trigoria around 4. The price tag is around 25 million. Eclectic player, of quality that can be used in both 4-2-3-1 and 4-3-3. Two modules that will represent the guidelines of the Roma branded-Mou that from its squad seems to have already crossed out Florenzi.
Speaking of our national team, in yesterday’s double interview, the coach focuses on the Giallorossi players: «Obviously I will focus more on the players of my new team. I’m talking about Spinazzola, Pellegrini and Cristante ». He does not appoint Alessandro, indirectly confirming that the former captain is not part of the company’s plans. Another question, this one more linked to logistics. Disquisitioning England, he considers her a possible candidate for the Wembley final: “Only afterwards can evaluations be made, not me because at that moment I will already be at work in Rome”. Considering that the final is scheduled for 11 July, he will be in Rome earlier: the day of the rally is scheduled for Tuesday 6. Two, maybe even three weeks of work in Trigoria and then set off on tour for 2-3 prestigious friendlies.



Mercato increasingly Premierstyle Rome

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