Recruitment decree: competitions in 100 days, 36-month contracts renewable until 2026 [SLIDE PDF]

The Council of Ministers approved a decree-law that introduces urgent measures to strengthen the administrative capacity of public administrations for the implementation of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and for the efficiency of justice.

The decree establishes that the reform of public competitions contained in the decree-law 1 April 2021, n. 44, which provides for the evaluation of qualifications for highly specialized figures and the provision of only the digital written test.

The duration of the contracts will be 36 months, renewable until 31 December 2026 in relation to the achievement of the objectives of the Plan by the administrations assigned to the projects.

For high specializations – such as PhDs and people with documented experience of at least 2 years in international organizations and the EU – registration in a special list on the “Recruitment Portal” is required, following a procedure of selection organized by the Department of Civil Service and also based on the evaluation of qualifications and a written exam. The administrations will therefore be able to proceed with the recruitment on the basis of the ranking, while maintaining the right to launch their own insolvency procedures.

For professionals and experts enrolled in the Registers – writes the Ministry for the Public Administration in a note – the inclusion on the “Recruitment Portal” in a special list is foreseen, bound to the possession of certain professional qualifications. For the purposes of assigning the assignments of collaboration, the administrations must call at least three professionals in order of ranking and choose who to assign the assignment on the basis of an interview. The criteria followed must be published on the website of the competent administrations.

The text, in order to allow the selection of qualified managers, authorizes, exclusively for the period of implementation of the PNRR and only for the administrations in charge of interventions, the doubling of the percentages provided for by law for the assignment of managerial positions to subjects external to the public administration and executives from other administrations. It will then be possible to exceed the expenditure ceilings relating to the accessory salary, according to criteria and procedures to be defined in the national collective labor agreements. The decree sets up to 40 percent of places in public competitions announced by administrations for those who have held fixed-term positions to work on the PNRR. The European Commission, in fact, asks that the skills acquired by public administrations not be dispersed after 2026, but that they contribute to strengthening administrative capacity. Furthermore, vertical mobility paths are envisaged for public administration personnel, aimed at enhancing the technical knowledge and skills of a transversal nature (managerial and managerial) developed by employees in the course of their work.

For young people, qualified access channels are strengthened, through the implementation of the rules that provide for the possibility of stipulating apprenticeship contracts in the Public Administration.


Recruitment Decree, almost 25 thousand hires in the Public Administration. “Linkedin” model portal for high-level professionals. There is the government ok [BOZZA PDF]

The provision establishes simplified and extraordinary paths both for hiring the professionals who will have to work on the projects of the Plan on a fixed-term basis, and for conferring consultancy appointments with more transparent systems. The watchwords that inspire the provision are merit, transparency, opportunity, evaluation and monitoring. The decree also favors the osmosis between public and private and the fluidity of career paths, as the European Commission has been asking us for some time.”, Comments the Minister for Public Administration, Renato Brunetta

The benefit we expect from the new rules is twofold. On the one hand, our young people and our best talents will be able to see in the PA an attractive employer and become protagonists of an ambitious program of change in the country. On the other hand, the Public Administration, thanks to the addition of new skills, will be able to transform itself into a catalyst for growth and re-engineer organizational processes: the administrative transition is a prerequisite for the digital transition to work. A structural legacy that the PNRR will leave to our country, together with more efficient services for citizens and businesses. Let’s go back to running the administrative machine, rebuilding people’s trust in the state”, Concludes Brunetta.

The video of the press conference


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