“What are you saying?”. Amadeus reacts like this

“What are you saying?”. Amadeus reacts like this
“What are you saying?”. Amadeus reacts like this

Me against You ai Usual Unknowns, Lui’s phrase “infuriates” fans: «What are you saying?“. Amadeus reacts like this. A few minutes ago, the last episode of the season of the Rai1 game show ended. Tonight’s guests-detectives, Me against you, Sofì and Luì. Also in the last episode the game is played to donate the prize money to Centro Astalli.

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The path of Me against You is good. With only two mistakes, the children’s idols reach the final stage with a treasure of 147 thousand euros. But it is with the mysterious relative that the difficult phase begins. This is Rebecca, 21, the daughter of one of the unknown. Luì, speaking of possible relationships, comments: “He is 52 years old, he could be the father“. Amadeus laughs heartily at the jokes of the two comedians. But the sentence of the young youtuber born in 1992 does not go unnoticed.

Immediate comments from the “unknown” on Twitter. “But how beauty? Do not try!», The users write ironic. It’s still: “But in short!“. And after the social laughs, the investigation continues. Soì and Luì – who use all the aids, playing for 58,800 euros – they choose the unknown number 1, but the unknown 5 was Rebecca’s mother. Nothing done, the Soliti Ignoti returns in September. Good summer.

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Amadeus reacts

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