“Made a big leap” – Corriere.it

“Made a big leap” – Corriere.it
“Made a big leap” – Corriere.it

Two consecutive poles are never causal. Net of the mistakes of the others (Verstappen and Perez), the Mercedes’ difficulties in getting the tires up to temperature (Hamilton celebrated second position, a very rare event; Bottas 10 seemed to drive another car), a bit of luck for the Tsunoda crash at the end, of the wake effect, Charles Leclerc’s pole in Baku a powerful message. Regardless of how the race ends on Sunday (2 pm live on Sky and streaming on Sky Go and Now Tv), why defend yourself from Mercedes e Red Bull on a circuit of endless straights it will not be easy at all.

Fly on slow curves

But the question is another: how did Ferrari grow so much after the terrible 2020 and with the frozen regulations? If a Montecarlo the first box was in the viewfinder, in Azerbaijan it was completely unexpected. Progress had been seen in the slow corners: first in the third sector of Barcelona, ​​and then in the Principality. The mechanical grip of the SF21 and the traction out of the hairpin bends allowed a Leclerc e Sainz to go very fast by treating the tires delicately. The same happened in the most guided section of the 6 km long Baku city circuit, the one around the old city. But no one wagered that they would not then pay the duty on the fees, on the set-up you always need a compromise between load and aerodynamics and efficiency in order not to lose in the different sectors.

Hamilton: They handle the tires amazingly

Lewis Hamilton has his theory

, the horsepower of the power unit has increased: They took a fantastic leap forward, I don’t fully understand how. They have always had a good car, only it was already powerful before. So I’m assuming they’ve made a lot of progress on the engine because now they’re playing with anyone. On the corners they were already strong in Bahrain (the first race of the season ed) went like us. But they lost on the straights. And then they manage the tires in an incredible way, they make them last lap after lap. For the good show to see three teams playing in front of it, one of the funniest seasons ever is coming out.

Sainz: The merit of the mechanical grip

In general, the opponents know well the moves of the competition, the power unit of the Cavallino returned to high levels after the federal purge last year. Another aspect should be underlined, the choice of the set-up: in Baku there are no much feared (by Ferrari) fast support corners, the technicians were able to unload the wings confident that they would recover in the slower part thanks to the excellent mechanical grip. Carlos Sainz: Our weak points are the medium-fast corners, and there aren’t any here. We exploited the potential of the car very well. Driving is a pleasure, that’s why I’m even more disappointed that another red flag has taken away my chance to play for pole.

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