Letta has mood swings. On torpedo justice to Salvini

Letta has mood swings. On torpedo justice to Salvini
Letta has mood swings. On torpedo justice to Salvini

What would not be done to secure a place in the world. Politics. With the Cinquestelle flaking and bleeding from consensus and the center-right increasingly compact, with Berlusconi and Salvini back in arm, the only escape route left to the Democratic Party is to abandon the classic themes of which the country does not care. immigrants and ius soli and return to the waged war, to the politics of direct confrontation with the adversary. And who cares if just a few days ago the secretary Enrico Letta had defined Salvini “a real person”. Today it is time to go back to doing that on the left that attacks the right. Otherwise, goodbye to votes. And the referendum requested by the League and the radicals on justice is the perfect battleground, even within the same political forces and the same center-left.

“The referendum pushes the solution away, it doesn’t bring it closer. Today we have a unique and extraordinary opportunity to carry out the reform of the justice system. I have great faith in Minister Cartabia and Draghi. Cartabia will go down in history as the minister who will have overcome the ten-year political opposition on justice, ”Letta told Rainews24. And he adds: «Meet Salvini on justice? I meet everyone, but I see that Salvini has another agenda on this point, he thinks the referendum is better … My impression is that he does it because he does not want to address this issue today, he does not want to reform with us and with the referendum throws the ball into the corner. We are to do it immediately ». On the same wavelength, the leader of the Pd group at Palazzo Madama, Simona Malpezzi: “Referendums are legitimate tools, but Salvini is using them only as a way to lengthen the time,” he declares.

And the radicals get irritated: «Last week Letta accused Salvini of wanting to throw the ball in the stands, today in a corner kick. It is evident that Letta is not clear about the game that Salvini, together with the Radical Party, is playing. On the question of justice we have two very different visions and proposals, to the point that the very sense of justice divides us. Today we believe that, thanks to the fact that the League has not joined but promoted the referendums, there is the possibility of starting a process of justice reform that will not end with the referendums. And what should we sacrifice this historic opportunity for, to play Subbuteo with Letta? ». The secretary who has returned from exile in Paris rolls up the banner of peace and presses: “In government every day is a struggle because it is a very large and composite majority.” And he says clearly, grinning: “We will never be in government with Salvini again, this is evident, we have never been there but this exceptionality is linked to the exceptional nature of the situation”.

The leader of the League replies: «I am not surprised that Letta does not agree, he probably has not read the texts of the referendum on justice because perhaps he is committed to controlling the currents within the Democratic Party. The texts of the referendums have nothing to do with the reforms that we support and will support in Parliament. Senator Marcucci and Mr Bettini responded well to Letta, saying that referendums are a useful tool and to be supported ».

Meanwhile, the Official Gazette has published the six questions filed with the Supreme Court. It will now be necessary to collect 500,000 signatures to obtain the referendum on popular initiative. Alternatively, it will be sufficient to have the request of five regional councils.

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