Covid, goodbye to former pastry chef Antonio Flamminii: he had overcome the virus

The Covid-19 he made sure it was the consequences of his passage that killed him. He had become negativized but then he was betrayed by an infection, Anthony Flamminio; 86 years old, he died in the Atri hospital due to the consequences of coronavirus who had also infected his daughter Paola. It can be said that they walked the path of pain together: both first hospitalized in Giulianova, then, after the closure of the Covid ward, the transfer to the infectious ward of Teramo and finally to Atri, where he didn’t make it while, luckily, Paola was saved.

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And it is she who tells the story of her father: “He was a representative of pasta and bread products, what they call white art and then he moved from Teramo in Giulianova where he founded the pastry shop Mary in progress Nazario Sauro, an activity that he has successfully carried out for thirty years. Then when the three of us children decided to take different paths, the pastry chef closed. He hoped and we hoped to be able to spend many more years together but unfortunately the pandemic did not spare our family ». Very nice what he wrote about his grandfather his nephew Federico: “It’s always the same story: in heaven they are arguing about something and decide to call a special judge. This time they are probably undecided on how to make the best tiramisu in the world. Or what ingredients it takes to make a mimosa cake. Difficult to find a solution. That’s why they called a special judge. The hand-cut ham, the cheese flakes placed on the slices of bread with oil, the good one collected with a lot of passion and devotion. That’s what they need in heaven! Pastry chef and great master of ceremonies. Two in one. Call them fools up there. ‘ The body was composed in the Gerardini funeral home and the funeral will take place tomorrow, Monday 7 June, at 10 in the church of San Gabriele dell’Annunziata.


Covid goodbye pastry chef Antonio Flamminii overcome virus

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