Ibiza, Elena Livigni Jimenez falls from the balcony of the Torre de Mar hotel “Suicide? Killed by her boyfriend” – Corriere.it

Ibiza, Elena Livigni Jimenez falls from the balcony of the Torre de Mar hotel “Suicide? Killed by her boyfriend” – Corriere.it
Ibiza, Elena Livigni Jimenez falls from the balcony of the Torre de Mar hotel “Suicide? Killed by her boyfriend” – Corriere.it

Three days later, the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía maintains the two investigative options, namely that Elena Livigni Gimenez, 21 years old with dual citizenship Italian (for her father, an entrepreneur) and a Spanish woman (for her mother, a university teacher) was killed by her five-year-old boyfriend; or took her own life, then followed by the same boy, in turn in possession of both Moroccan and Spanish identity documents. But Elena’s friends, who, before moving to Barcelona to follow a degree course in Global Governance at the renowned Esade academic facility, lived with his parents in Milan, they exclude the hypothesis of suicide launching from the balcony of the hotel«Torre del Mar», in Playa d’en Bossa, a few meters from the sea of ​​Ibiza, therefore on the contrary foreshadowing a lethal thrust of the boy, or in any case a leap into the void of Elena as a consequence of an attack: «Everyone must know the truth, no more lies, no more. It was him”.

The friends swear to speak not for an official defense but by providing the coordinates of a serene and joyful existence, free from problems of any kind, indeed aimed towards the future by investing in new challenges (already polyglot, Elena was studying Catalan and Arabic ). The news bounced by the Spanish media and social networks, real, presumed or made up, they mix scenarios from the drug party in the fourth floor room – the double fall occurred from the balcony – to the persecution of a violent individual, precisely the boyfriend, who with the organization of those vacation days in Ibiza would have even planned the murder, dated at 4.20 am between Wednesday and last Thursday. Pending the developments of the investigation, as it could be decisive the autopsy net of the excruciating conditions of the corpse, perhaps with the discovery of signs of violence on Elena’s body confirming an attack and her desperate attempt to escape, the Courier servicehas made a first journey starting from Milan.

An address takes us to the attic of a building built on an old factory. The girl’s father, who lives here unlike his wife, together with the second son of 16, opens the door after the initial refusal. This is followed by twenty seconds of silence and gaze at the ground, until the courteous invitation to respect pain and privacy, which is why we omit the exact address of the apartment. In the palace the neighbors talk, who reconstruct the youth of Elena, who had attended the city high school named after the second wife of the general from the Church, Emanuela Setti Carraro, choosing the Esade of Barcelona – had found accommodation in an elegant residential neighborhood – with the aim first of graduating then of a master’s degree in new technologies. Always the friends, tell the passion for the legal disciplines and the possibility, at the end of the studies, of the search for a job in Spain, where Elena was born in September 1999, in Cartagena, then the residence of her mother, originally from Manchester. Sources linked to Interpol crystallize a violent dispute, heard by hotel staff, which was followed by the fall from the balcony. Quarrel perhaps originating from reasons of jealousy of the boy, who in remorse, after having pushed Elena or having seen her fall, to escape, would have taken his own life. He too had Barcelona as a residence, and was also enrolled at the university.

When asked for a contact, Elena’s mother, who has moved to the opposite side of Milan from that penthouse, avoids answering. Investigators heard her for a long time, in case she had registered requests for help from her daughter or suspects in the recent past. Again her friends, firm in demanding anonymity – and often premising that they have to ask Elena’s parents for prior permission -, they tell of plans established for the next months with the desire to return to travel the world, still rejecting the path of suicide, despite the mysteries that everyone carries within, and invite us to concentrate on the «boyfriend’s troubles». Which, however, is not said.

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Ibiza Elena Livigni Jimenez falls balcony Torre Mar hotel Suicide Killed boyfriend Corriereit

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