From the change of date to the dose on vacation, the guide for those who get vaccinated in the summer

From the change of date to the dose on vacation, the guide for those who get vaccinated in the summer
From the change of date to the dose on vacation, the guide for those who get vaccinated in the summer

Wait to be immunized to leave or leave, postponing the appointment with the call back after returning from vacation? With behind the record of 600 thousand vaccinations against coronavirus in one day, with Abruzzo, Liguria, Umbria and Veneto that from Monday 7 June will be in the white zone, and with still in mind the words of the president of the ISS Brusaferro, according to which “If the trend continues like this, for the second week of June all of Italy will be in the white zone”, we are convinced that the situation, also thanks to a vaccination campaign that has changed pace, is improving. And with this observation, a desire for a holiday makes its way.

The three hypotheses

But before booking by the sea or in the mountains or a trip abroad, many families have to resolve an issue. Or rather, they have to deal with a date, that of the recall and therefore of the conclusion of the vaccination process. A problem that becomes even more concrete after the green light to use the Pfizer – BioNtech vaccine to immunize young people between 12 and 15 years of age from Covid. If on the one hand the solution allows you to create the conditions for a return to school in September in conditions of greater safety, on the other hand it forces families to plan the holidays calendar in hand, waiting for the teenagers to finish the path too. of immunization. The hypotheses at present are three. The first: consider the idea of ​​making the recall directly in the holiday resort, but this must be possible: a green light is needed from the commissioner structure which is not yet there despite two regions, Piedmont and Liguria, are already moving in that direction. Then there is a technical problem: each region has its own platform, and it is not easy to connect and communicate the vaccination registers. And a logistical one: it would be necessary to shift the doses from one region to another. The second hypothesis, currently more realistic – but the picture is evolving – is to focus on a more flexible approach, as suggested by the Commissioner for Emergency Figliuolo, and then postpone (or book directly) the appointment with the call to return from vacation. Or, and it is the third scenario, you can simply decide to leave only once immunized.


The Figliuolo line: calls on vacation are the exception

On the occasion of a recent meeting with the presidents of the Regions, Figliuolo clarified his opinion on the hypothesis of guaranteeing vaccines on vacation. Warnings there must be the exception, not the rule. Furthermore, this possibility can only be considered for those who make a long-term stay, at least three weeks, in a region that is not the one in which they reside. This is the case of seasonal workers, who travel to the main tourist resorts during the summer for work, or those who have a second home. Here then, as a possible point of mediation, is the hypothesis of a temporary domicile with registration in the health registry of the holiday location for those who spend at least three weeks there, to safeguard the tourist season without slowing down the vaccination campaign.

Liguria and Piedmont lead the way but the commissioner has the last word

Figliuolo’s position is therefore in contrast with the strategy outlined and promoted by Liguria and Piedmont, namely the signing of a protocol that allows Ligurians who go on holiday to Piedmont to get vaccinated, and vice versa. “However, general Figliuolo’s authorization is needed – explained the governor of Piedmont Alberto Cirio -: I hope it will arrive, because I believe that the public (sector) must learn more and more to be flexible and meet people’s needs”.

A viable solution if the audience of tourists is small

Figliuolo has not yet decided how to evaluate the protocol between the two Northwest Regions. As on the rest, a national directive would be preferable to vaccines on vacation. At the same time, geographically circumscribed agreements concerning “moderate” numbers of tourists are not viewed in a completely negative way. It would be much more complicated to put them into practice in areas with a very high concentration of tourists. Speaking at the Trento Festival of Economics, the Minister of Tourism Massimo Garavaglia addressed one aspect of the question, that of tourists who decide to come to Italy. “The Regions will know how to organize themselves, a roof will be put up – he said -. It is a matter of common sense, but not providing this service, if others provide it, it means that you have a lower quality service ».

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