The owner retires, they take over the company and summarize all the colleagues

The owner retires, they take over the company and summarize all the colleagues
The owner retires, they take over the company and summarize all the colleagues

In the factory Mpm Mechanics in via Boccioni in Monza you work at full capacity from the early morning. Some on the lathe, some busy with the milling machine. There are supervising Gerardo Petruzziello, Muharemi Djabir and Salvatore Minnella. Theirs is not a story like many others. Because, armed with courage, determination and competence, they decided to take the big leap, taking over the company for which they worked (active in the field of precision mechanics) from their now former boss Angelo De Franco who retired in March 2020 after more than 40 years of contributions. Their “bet” won. And what’s more, in full pandemic. Even if, they admit, bureaucratic difficulties were not lacking, especially as regards personnel management.

The owner retires, they take over the company and summarize all the colleagues

“We have in fact summarized our colleagues,” they explained. Thirteen employees all with permanent contracts, among which there is also Luciana Franzosi, the wife of the former owner, “because we certainly could not do without his expertise”, they commented. “Then in October Luca will arrive, a boy from Clerici di Brugherio who did his internship with us and who is really smart. To think that until a few months ago we were behind these machines”, they then added, smiling and pointing from the office window the large space below.

Gerardo Petruzziello is the “dean”. He has been working in the company since 2001. Muharemi Djabir, an Italian of Serbian origins, started as a turner in 2007. Minnella, who studied at «Ipsia» and is the youngest of the three, arrived 12 years ago. They have accumulated a lot of experience in the field.

“Of course, however, we were not prepared for bureaucratic difficulties – they admitted – The banks closed their doors on us and we struggled to find a solution. Perhaps, in the middle of the pandemic, our idea might have seemed crazy. But we believed and still believe in value of our company. Orders continued to arrive even when the health emergency broke out and therefore when Angelo communicated his desire to retire, we looked into each other’s eyes and understood that we should have done something to carry the company forward “.

The former owner enjoys his retirement but does not abandon “his boys”

Together with them there is the same Franco, who has admitted that he wants to enjoy his retirement (also because he started working at the age of 14), but who does not give up visiting those he calls “my boys”. “We are a family”, remarked Franzosi. An entrepreneurial history that has its roots in the early nineties when – after decades of experience and various professional experiences – De Franco arrived in via Boccioni, starting up the plant.

“I built everything from scratch – he explained – There were difficult moments, in which I wiped my tears with one hand and I continued to work with the other. Then I remember the crisis of 2008. That certainly made itself felt. I had to put everyone on layoffs. There were days when I came here to the company and I was alone “. Slowly, then, with the economic recovery (and above all with a careful and thoughtful management of the accounts) the difficulties have been overcome.

“I’m glad my three best guys found it. Sure … good … they’re a little damned. If I had shown up at work with a young beard my boss would have kicked me out,” he joked. winking at them.

The teaching and the importance of professional ethics

De Franco professionally raised the new entrepreneurs, as well as all the other workers of the plant to whom he transmitted a rigorous work ethic.

“I still remember my first day at work – he explained – It was July 4, 1974. It was a Monday and I still remember it was sunny. I started in a mechanical carpentry company in Muggiò. And then I did a a little bit of everything. My ambition led me to change often. I also worked in Bresso where they made pumps for oil plants. So I started my own business, first in Milan, then in Monza, here in via Boccioni “.

A successful entrepreneurial story that continues now thanks to the initiative of three men who have never stopped rolling up their sleeves.

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