corrective measures and causes of exclusion

corrective measures and causes of exclusion
corrective measures and causes of exclusion

ISA 2021, for the tax year 2020 are expected corrective measures and causes of exclusion.

To provide the clarifications for the period in which the economic crisis caused by Covid-19 had a profound impact is the circular number 6 of 4 June 2021 of the Revenue Agency.

For the application of the synthetic reliability indexes, only the elements of novelty compared to the past, with particular attention to the pandemic.

The practice document is composed of an introductory, more general part, and some specific parts of in-depth study of issues particularly important.

ISA 2021, the clarifications for the Covid period: corrective measures and causes of exclusion

To illustrate the corrective and the causes for exclusion from the 2021 ISAs, the synthetic indices of fiscal reliability, is the circular number 6 of June 4, 2021 of the Revenue Agency.

Revenue Agency – Circular number 6 of 4 June 2021
Synthetic indices of fiscal reliability – tax period 2020.

The practice document focuses on the main aspects of the application related to tax period 2020, with particular attention to the economic consequences caused byCoronavirus emergency.

A focus is dedicated to the implementation ofarticle 148 of the Relaunch decree, which requires specific methodologies to be developed for the application of ISAs.

Specifically, the hypotheses envisaged by the ministerial decrees of February 2 and April 30, 2021, which provide for the following causes of exclusion for taxpayers who:

  • have undergone one decrease in revenues referred to in Article 85, paragraph 1, excluding those referred to in letters c), d) and e), or the remuneration referred to in Article 54, paragraph 1, of the Tuir, of at least 33 percent in the 2020 tax period compared to the previous tax period;
  • they opened the VAT number starting from 1 January 2019;
  • exercise, in a prevalent manner, the economic activities identified by 167 specific activity codes.

According to what has already been clarified by circular number 16 of 2020, for these taxpayers, the possibility of accessing the bonus benefits provided for by paragraph 11 of article 9-bis of Legislative Decree no. 50/2017.

However, they must take care of the communication of economic, accounting and structural data provided in the relative models.

The circular also gives an account of extraordinary review of the ISAs, which adjust the reliability judgments based on the following symptomatic factors of the economic difficulty:

  • the contraction of sectoral productivity estimated on the basis of the analyzes carried out by Sose (editor’s note the company that elaborates the Isa);
  • the closing days established by the decrees that followed one another during 2020, differentiated for each ATECO code;
  • the reduction in the value of revenues / fees in 2020 compared to 2019 referring to the individual taxpayer;
  • the cost reduction for the purchase of raw materials, ancillary materials, semi-finished products and goods and for the production of services with respect to the value of the previous tax period (also in this case, for each individual taxpayer);
  • the change in the workforce of the ISA sector based on the data of Uniemens model from INPS source.

The following situations:

  • the identification of concentration indices supply and demand by territorial area;
  • the identification of the measures sector cycle;
  • the updating of the territorial analysis of “Level of average taxable income for the purposes of the IRPEF surcharge” and of the territorial analyzes at the municipal level of the amendments to ISAs BG44U, BG72U, BK04U and BM05U, relating to the updating of municipal aggregations and “Territoriality of factory outlet centers”;
  • the further changes to the synthetic indexes of fiscal reliability approved with i ministerial decrees 24 December 2019 and 2 February 2021.

ISA 2021: clarifications on compliance for taxpayers

One aspect at the center of the Revenue Agency circular is the simplification of obligations.

The aspects affected by the news are the following:

  • the ISA 2021 models;
  • the so-called pre-calculated variables;
  • the calculation software “IltuoIsa2021”.

For professional activities there is a single accounting data framework. This accounting framework (part H) refers directly to part RE of “Income”.

Furthermore, it is specified that in none of the 175 models was new information requested for theapplication of the methodology.

About the precomputed variables it is explained that the subjects who do not apply the ISA but who must fill in the relative form, can avoid its consultation and acquisition.

In relation to the software “IltuoIsa2021”, the circular presents the new functionality that allows taxpayers to import directly from “Redditionline” the accounting data common to the Income and Isa models.

Specifically, the button must be selected “Import Income Accounting Data”, present in the lower part of each compilation framework.

The new functionality allows the taxpayer not to fill in the ISA forms with the declarative data already provided in the Income form.

The practice document also reports specific features or innovations compared to previous years economic sectors.

For example, for the service sector starting from the tax period 2020, ISA BG12U is applicable only to activities carried out in the form of an enterprise.

ISA 2021: the reward scheme and other clarifications

Among the aspects addressed in the practice document of the Revenue Agency is that of reward scheme provided for by paragraph 12 of article 9-bis of the several times referred to by Legislative Decree no. 50 of 2017.

In this regard, the provision of the director of the Agency of 26 April 2021, which identifies the conditions for the recognition of prizes, in relation to the 2020 tax period.

The provision in question contains a table with some examples which clarify the methods of application of the new criteria for identification and the score necessary for the granting of tax benefits.

A further topic addressed is that of the information campaign, scheduled for the second half of 2021. This campaign aims to communicate to the taxpayer any errors found in the ISA models of the previous years, through the publication in its fiscal drawer.

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