Orlando rewards the Sea Eye. But the military stops it

Orlando rewards the Sea Eye. But the military stops it
Orlando rewards the Sea Eye. But the military stops it

The Sea Eye 4 ship was placed under administrative detention by the Italian Coast Guard following a series of checks aimed at verifying the suitability of the vessel with respect to navigation safety and environmental protection regulations.

Routine checks revealed various technical irregularities that could have created risky situations for on-board personnel and migrants. In recent days, the German NGO ship landed at the port of Palermo after landing 415 illegal immigrants in Pozzallo.

Among the problems encountered there are also some violations of the regulations to protect the marine environment. Basically, champions of hospitality did not have enough life-saving devices. Those present would in fact be enough for just 27 people. And irregularities have been identified in the contracts of the on-board personnel, the radio equipment and devices designed to prevent pollution. In short, a total of 23 shortcomings that led the Coast Guard to impose an administrative detention, which can only be resolved with the necessary adjustments.

«Too many people rescued – comment from Sea Eye -, after a 12-hour check. We will do our best to get back to action as soon as possible ». All this while, despite the NGOs remaining the only ones to bring migrants to Italy, given that the Libyan Coast Guard is blocking the departing boats, the ship’s crew received honorary citizenship from the mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando. The motivation? It is “a non-governmental and non-profit organization which, with its Alan Kurdi and Sea Eye 4 ships, operates in the Mediterranean Sea search and rescue activities at sea, having rescued fifteen thousand and four hundred people, testifying and documenting what happens to refugees and migrants and the profound humanitarian crisis that is taking place in those areas ”.

This angered many citizens of the Sicilian capital. The local secretary of the League, Alessandro Anello, spared no criticism: “The umpteenth sad provocation of a first citizen with a pathological ego who uses his institutional role only and only to advertise himself by exploiting the issue of immigration in the painful attempt to appear good and welcoming ».


Orlando rewards Sea Eye military stops

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