here are the red areas of the night-

here are the red areas of the night-
here are the red areas of the night-

The subject of the last email reads the usual and laconic nightlife. But the novelty lies in the addresses in copy. There are practically all the spokespersons of the city’s anti-noise committees. From the Pro Arco Sempione association to the Navigli and Archinto committees, passing through Melzo and Sant’Agostino. The long list confirms the common megaphone with which residents who complain of decay and noise try to get in the way.

The (too) hot fronts are known to all. At the center of the controversy in recent days the Colonne question has (re) exploded. The attack with the pit bulls at the carabinieri, the shot, the boys rebounded. But also the full house in front of the Basilica without hourly brakes, i rave which replaced the acoustics of the 90s bongos, the bottle tosses and the drug dealing war between Moroccan and Senegalese pusher. With the shopkeepers, as well as the residents, who expect a fixed garrison of the police. In addition to April 25, there is also the ancient chapter linked to via Cesariano, in the Sarpi area. Where you start early with self-managed aperitifs with bottle takeaway and you end up late with noisy chatter that has put the condominiums overlooking the square on a war footing.

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Shooting at the Columns of San Lorenzo, here are the photos

Same kind of DIY nightlife on the lawn in front of the Polytechnic in Piazza Leonardo. Not far from the Lambrate airport, where even on Friday everyone danced together without masks. On the other hand, we do not dance until a later date in discos. Who for yesterday have put their heads out of hibernation. Waiting for the government decrees to reopen also to their primary function. We are being bartenders, says Roberto Cominardi, manager of Old Fashion. Which has reopened as a bar and restaurant, with the rules of the premises. Just Cavalli, The Club, Sunset Garden, Duomo 21, Tocqueville, Loolapaloosa are also open. The vertical collapse of infections leaves us optimistic: we cannot go out of business in the summer. Greece and Spain have already changed pace, in Madrid, for example, everything is open, adds Cominardi. The optimism stems from a series of dress tests, clamored by the category, to test the system. The first will be organized by the Fabrique. The future is a must because there is still no green light for the date: first the 5th, then the 12th, now (perhaps) the 19th. For sure there is only that it will be Saturday. A dj-set that only vaccinated or tamponed people will access, with even a six-day test to make the tracking scientific. Time is running out, given that the evening was designed to unlock the events of the summer season.

In the meantime, from tomorrow the nights are getting longer by an hour: the curfew slips to midnight in the yellow regions. In Lombardy, epidemiological data in hand, it could be the last week. With the possible passage in the white band from 14 June, any hourly limit to nights would fall. Then only all the other problems would remain.

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