Died in Fipili in the Ferrari accident: who was Giulio Braghieri – Chronicle

Died in Fipili in the Ferrari accident: who was Giulio Braghieri – Chronicle
Died in Fipili in the Ferrari accident: who was Giulio Braghieri – Chronicle

Cascina (Pisa), 6 June 2021 – The tragedy is over just before midnight between Friday and Saturday along the Fi-Pi-Li towards Florence, between the Navacchio and Cascina junctions, near the latter. Here he lost his life Giulio Braghieri, 56 years old from Calcinaia, who at the moment of impact was driving a beautiful Ferrari F355.

According to an initial reconstruction, the red car, due to causes under investigation, broke through the barrier and the 56-year-old behind the wheel died stuck between the metal sheets. Help was useless to try to snatch him from death: the intervention of the firefighters only served to free the businessman’s lifeless body.

Braghieri’s Ferrari, we learn, was proceeding towards Florence – investigations and feedback are still in progress – and then violently hit the side guardrail, perhaps after a first bounce on the central one, getting stuck. But, in fact, the investigations are still in full swing.

Braghieri was the descendant of a family of entrepreneurs Well known, of great prestige and who has written important pages in the history of the territory, but also and above all of Tuscan work and excellence. Giulio Braghieri was the son of Enrico Braghieri, who died in 2013, and of Giuliana Ferrucci, sister of Silvano Ferrucci, founder of Ace pistons, today Asso Werke, from Fornacette.

Giulio Braghieri had also worked in Asso Werk until the mid-2000s dealing with of the commercial part and the North American market. Later he became the owner of a company active in the rental of luxury and vintage cars for Pontedera events and commercials.

Even Giulio, with interests that ranged in various professional fields, just as it had been for his father – remembered for his marked humanity and his commitment to the world of volunteering – he was distinguished by the passion and spirit of innovation that he knew how to carry out in every project.

Braghieri, like his father, was a lionist. He had been the founder and member of the board of the Lions Club Pisa Certosa, in which he brought the great human depth that distinguished him both in solidarity and in the commitment of professional life. Studied in economics, he was also a great lover of both modern and vintage luxury cars. Giulio Braghieri, leaves behind his wife, his daughter who has yet to turn 18, his mother, a brother and a sister. The news of his death aroused vast condolences.

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