Another mistake appears on the plate for Ciampi

Another mistake appears on the plate for Ciampi
Another mistake appears on the plate for Ciampi

After the name spelled wrong on the targa in memory of the former President of the Republic Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, here is another one, different but always concerning the same piece of marble. The new error was reported this time on social media: the position where the dates of birth and death were placed is not right. On the Twitter account of Fabrizio Bentivogli we read: “The date of birth and death would go under the name. Otherwise it seems that Ciampi exercised the role of head of state for 96 years. virginiaraggi # bastacosì “.

The date is also wrong on the license plate

At Simonedil srl in Artena, the company has been used to working marble for years, as he points out Republic, they prefer not to answer or make statements (keep in mind where the marble company in question is located, because then there will be an error, made in Raggi, also on this). Perhaps the silence is due to the fact that they are already quite irritated after the last inaccuracy committed on the writing of the name Azeglio on the plaque placed in Largo Azeglio Ciampi, where Azelio had instead been written. On that occasion, however, the company had been keen to underline that the gaffe had not been theirs but that of the Capitol which had approved what was written on the marble.

The company in via Fleming has in fact assured that it has received from Roma Capitale the indications on what to write and that it has prepared a draft, which was then sent directly to the Campidoglio for approval. No corrections were made. The mistake of the name is therefore to be attributed directly to Roma Capitale and the mistake was then noticed only shortly before the inauguration, when the plaque was discovered. The marble firm claims that “It went exactly like this”. They then tried to remedy the serious mistake by saying that the plate was chipped and that it had to be changed before it was discovered. But a transparent veil could not hide the oversight, which leapt to everyone’s eyes.

For Raggi, one mistake after another

In that case, La Raggi blamed the official in charge of contacting the company to make the plate. And off to the controversy, with the grillini who wasted no time in shouting at the plot against the poor mayor always pointed out for everything that does not work in Rome. Which is also normal, given that she is the mayor of the Eternal City and should control everything, or at least have collaborators capable of doing it for her. And here is the Rays even take it out on the marble company that won the race: “Unfortunately, the race was won by a company from Velletri, if it had been from Rome, the number plate would probably have been changed even before the ceremony”. Another mistake, the company in question is not from Velletri but from Artena. The mistake of the Rays was followed by the angry response of the mayor of Velletri, Orlando Pocci who immediately retorted: “I will send an official letter to the mayor Raggi, inviting her to to apologize to the city of Velletri for that superficial approach and I invite you to come and visit us. It will be an opportunity to introduce you to our culture and also the extraordinary skill of our craftsmen ”.

And to add to the dose also the deputy mayor, Giulia Ciafrei, who explained: “If Raggi knew the Velletrano dialect, she would know that we will not take the” gl “but we will put it there as in: cuglio, caglina, Oglio and coglio. Let alone if we were wrong to write Azeglio “. No, the mistake was all of Roma Capitale. Put aside the gaffe related to the writing of the name, here comes another one immediately: the one concerning the dates of birth and death. These were in fact placed next to the words President of the Republic, as if to indicate that Ciampi was President of the Republic for a long time 96 years old. A little too much perhaps.

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