Tuscany white area, numbers ok. Goal to get there early – Chronicle

Tuscany white area, numbers ok. Goal to get there early – Chronicle
Tuscany white area, numbers ok. Goal to get there early – Chronicle

Florence, 6 June 2021 – Finally the contagion curve also in Tuscany improves quickly. And we look to the next few weeks with optimism. To find a number of daily infections constantly below 200 for six consecutive days (154 yesterday), it is necessary to go back to the last week of September 2020.

The rules in the white zone

According to the provisions of the last dpcm to go to the white zone three weeks are needed with a rate of new weekly positives below 50 per 100 thousand inhabitants. Tuscany will accrue them on 17 June based on the index weeks (those that go from Friday to the following Thursday) taken into consideration in the monitoring of the Higher Institute of Health and the Ministry of Health.

From that date, of course, the transition should take place on June 21. But there is the possibility that the government will advance a few days to standardize the color of the Italian regions. Otherwise ours would be among the last regions to be promoted in white, even if the situation of the current contagion is better than most of the other regions.

Meanwhile, we try to turn the spotlight on what has been done so far, good or bad. The commission of inquiry on the vaccination campaign comes into action while finally shedding light on the preferential lane in Tuscany for vaccinating the personnel of the justice system (magistrates, clerks and employees in general, lawyers). In all, about ten thousand vaccinated with AstraZeneca doses before the age group system set up by Commissioner Figliuolo.

The Tuscan councilor for health Simone Bezzini he replied, after two months, to the question of the directors of the Brothers of Italy Torselli, Petrucci, Capecchi and Veneri. In the written reconstruction he highlights: “Among the categories for which the priority of administration with the AstraZenEca vaccine is recommended are: teaching and non-teaching school and university staff, the armed and police forces, settings at risk such as prisons and places of community and for the staff of other essential services and, to follow, the rest of the population “.

The Region, in the essential services “has decided to include all the operators of the justice sector, an essential activity of constitutional importance, in order to guarantee the normal functioning of the judicial activity as a whole” says Bezzini. Among the members of the Bar Association who benefited from the vaccination also some administrators and politicians.

After Bezzini’s words, the regional leader of FdI goes on the attack Francesco Torselli: “We are in the face of a surreal situation, this is why we are evaluating every type of political action possible: from the convening of President Giani in the classroom, to the involvement of our parliamentarians or from Minister Cartabia. Before the opening of vaccinations for lawyers was made official, a message circulated among the Tuscan lawyers: ‘From 6pm tonight on the Region’s website, lawyers will be able to book vaccination’ “.

Torselli refers to specific pressure actions. And he adds: “A very long time for evasive institutional answers. Evidently they have something to hide”.

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