Bjorn Borg is 65: triumphs, Bert, McEnroe, drugs, bankruptcy. Descents and ascents of a tennis legend

June 5, 2021 – 4:43 pm

The legendary Swedish champion, who retired only at the age of 26, made the revolution not only with his successes on the pitch but also with his character, the first true example of a tennis star in history. Here are 10 chapters of a life full of lights and (many) shadows

of Andrea Sereni

A silent revolution, ice cold in Scandinavia, unique in its strength: one man has changed an entire sport forever, possible? He came from Sodertalje, Sweden, the only child of Rune and Margaretha. Its freezing earthquake, two-handed backhand, and global adoration brought tennis to a new era. In the footsteps of Bjrn Borg also walk the phenomena of this generation, Federer and Nadal, Djokovic and Murray. The Swedish Bear turns 65, yet still current: like when the Fila headband kept his blond hair still, his blue eyes concentrated, his beard unkempt to cover his face. A star, as well as a sportsman. The first real star born with the racket in his hand: everyone wanted to be like him, everyone dreamed of him, mass phenomenon and pop icon. What about him, Bjrn? He played, won, fought with himself, in love with women and a slave to his weaknesses.


June 5, 2021 | 16:43



Bjorn Borg triumphs Bert McEnroe drugs bankruptcy Descents ascents tennis legend

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