“The center-right federation to detach Meloni and aim for the center” – Libero Quotidiano

“The center-right federation to detach Meloni and aim for the center” – Libero Quotidiano
“The center-right federation to detach Meloni and aim for the center” – Libero Quotidiano

More strategy than tactics defines it Bruno Vespa the scenario on which the current policy pours: with Enrico Letta more and more to the left e Matteo Salvini unexpectedly in the center. The conductor of Door to door, on the columns of Day, outlines the movements in progress on the chessboard in detail: “The former moderate Enrico Letta is pushing the Pd on the left of the government wing of the M5s led by Luigi Di Maio“. It is no coincidence that the dem secretary is trying to grab young votes with his campaign.” Read – he continues – does not want the Movement of the European Socialists and Democrats as the socialists did not want the PCI in their International “.

Equally confusing is the 5 Star Movement which is inside real loose mines ready to explode in an instant. And what Vespa defines does not help “Conte’s forced ambiguity (guarantor and executioner in equal measure) “and then ask himself” where will he find his landing point? And Di Maio, as has been said for two years, will he find his in the European People’s Party? “.

The same question also for Salvini’s League which for some months now has been squeezing the European house: “The Confederation with Forza Italia and the other minor government groups is the prelude to the establishment of a party that detaches Meloni in the polls, but also the European landing of a definitively governmental League “. It is no coincidence that the number one of the Carroccio has launched a federation that unites all the center-right, yes, but only the one in support of Mario Draghi. A decision that’s the same Giorgia Meloni he did not appreciate, calling himself out. He fears the worst too Giovanni Toti. The new founder of Coraggio Italia was very clear in this regard: “If you think of an annexation of the moderate world, be it Forza Italia or Coraggio Italia within the Northern League perimeter with contents, location, slogans typical of the Lega world, we would make a damage to the voters. If, on the other hand, we all question ourselves in the same way regardless of the weight of the numbers and we build a space where all cultures have citizenship, it’s another path “.

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