boy stabbed in the heart of the nightlife

boy stabbed in the heart of the nightlife
boy stabbed in the heart of the nightlife

06 June 2021 08:03

A 26-year-old boy was stabbed in Corso di Porta Ticinese in Milan (Colonne di San Lorenzo area) in the late evening of Saturday 5 June.

It all happened around 11:45 pm, as reported by the regional emergency company. For the moment the outlines of the affair are not clear and the police officers are investigating the case. According to an initial reconstruction, the 26-year-old Italian was hit by a blow to the abdomen.

His condition immediately appeared serious, so much so that the 118 operations center had sent an ambulance and a self-medical to the scene. The young man, stabilized by the rescuers, was transported in red code to the emergency room of the Polyclinic, his conditions would be serious.

Fighting, fighting and shooting in Colonne

It is only the latest episode of violence in the Colonne di San Lorenzo area. On Friday 28 May a man suspected of having committed a robbery had incited a pit bull against a carabiniere who, to defend himself from the animal, had fired two gunshots; several young people had “responded” by throwing several bottles at the cars of the carabinieri.

On Saturday 8 May, on the other hand, numerous young people had thrown bottles at police cars that were trying to disperse the gatherings present after the curfew time.


boy stabbed heart nightlife

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