Taurianova, again arrested for ‘Ndrangheta the repentant boss who spoke of his redemption at the anti-mafia meetings

Taurianova, again arrested for ‘Ndrangheta the repentant boss who spoke of his redemption at the anti-mafia meetings
Taurianova, again arrested for ‘Ndrangheta the repentant boss who spoke of his redemption at the anti-mafia meetings

Up to his arrest, last October, when i carabinieri they caught him in the act of crime asking an entrepreneur for protection money, Pasquale Zagari he passed himself off as a subject who was done with his own past criminal. Already then become a life sentence collaborator of justice, the boss of Taurianova he never broke his bond with the ‘ndrangheta despite the apparent path of “social rehabilitation” which has seen him even participate in debates, conferences and meetings as a witness of redemption and against life imprisonment. He is the main suspect in the investigation “Hope against hope”Coordinated by the prosecutor of Reggio Calabria Giovanni Bombers, by the adjunct Gaetano Paci and by the deputy of the DDA Giulia Pantano. The blitz started this morning at dawn when the carabinieri arrested 11 people. Ten of these were joined by a custody order in prison issued by the investigating judge Tommasina Cotroneo. A suspect, on the other hand, ended up ai domiciliary while four others were reported on the loose.

As an old ‘Ndranghetista, according to investigations, the boss attempted to regain control of his territory. And he did so by explicitly evoking his ability to solve problems with the violence and above all the dead of the Taurianova feud which, at the turn of the eighties and nineties, transformed the village of the Piana di Gioia Tauro in a sort of far west. Of that feud Pasquale Zagari was one of the most violent protagonists. After the murder of his father, Rocco Zagari, killed inside a shaving salon, there was the so-called “Black Friday massacre” of Taurianova in which they were killed for vendetta four people, one of which with a severed head, in the city center. Sentenced to life imprisonment for the slaughter of that period, the sentence was then redetermined in 30 years of imprisonment, which ended with a special surveillance period in North Italy.

The danger of Zagari is demonstrated by a violent escape attempt in 2009, when I spent 21 years in prison, was not made scruples to shoot with a firearm at the policemen escort who were transferring him from the prison where he was being held to another. After that episode, Pasquale Zagari even began a path of cooperation with justice. Before the deputy prosecutor of the DDA Roberto Di Palma, the boss has always pleaded innocent. “I spent all these years in prison, – were his words – of the trial that I see myself sentenced to life imprisonment, I am innocent. That gesture I made was a desperate gesture… I was trying to escape because I thought that by doing so maybe, what do I know, I could better demonstrate mine innocence“. During his collaboration with the magistrates, the boss denied having participated in the “Black Friday massacre” but, at the same time, confessed to having committed several murders of ‘ndrangheta.

In February 2020 Pasquale Zagari had finished to pay his account with justice and had returned to Taurianova. He participated in the presentations some books, organized by Radicals of “Nobody touches Cain”, In which he admitted that he had“ his hands soaked in blood ”and that he understood the mistakes that he had committed. “The thing that makes me even freer to have understood the mistakes committed – he said – I had a jolt inside me. I hope and truly and believe that the Calabria and our lands have changed ”. And in the meantime, however, he said to an entrepreneur from Taurianova: “You don’t love your children. Because if you die do you love your children? “. “And why are you killing me?”. “If you make me turn the balls! Why not?”. The investigations of the Good in fact, they showed that he was reconnecting the relations of the past and took the place of his two brothers in prison Giuseppe e Carmelo Zagari. The first is a life sentence with judgment definitive while the second was sentenced by the Court of Appeal of Reggio Calabria in the trial “Terramara Closed”.

Making use of the active collaboration of participants e gregarious, like Francesco Avati, Antonio Alessi e Rocco Leva (also arrested this morning), the boss Pasquale Zagari had returned to his country of origin. He did it as leader and regent. He was the Referrer mafia for the resolution of any question, even private. He resumed demanding the lace and as a historian ‘Ndrangheta he offered and imposed his own protection mafia, not required, to victims. For this reason, in October 2020 after just 8 months of freedom, he was arrested in flagrance of crime by the carabinieri of Taurianova. A few days later, in an interception, the investigators heard from her trusted man Francesco Avati planning the escape: “Believe me I don’t sleep at night I have a pain in my heart for him .. I don’t know what I can do. I put a bomb on him in the prison to throw him from inside ”. Entrepreneurs and citizens were forced to pay the protection money to strengthen the clan of membership and for the maintenance of prisoners. According to the prosecutors, Zagari also decided on breath of people: intruded on buying and selling of land, asking for sums of money not due to authorize the purchase or in any case coercing their will in the business choices and private, in favor of other subjects close to him.

At the request of the Prosecutor, the investigating judge Cotroneo issued a precautionary detention order also for Domenico Avignon, son of the historic boss of Taurianova Joseph Avignon, already sentenced to life imprisonment and protagonist from Razzà massacre in 1977, when the carabinieri were murdered Stefano Condello e Vincenzo Caruso. Currently wanted and already convicted of ‘Ndrangheta, Domenico Avignon offered unsolicited “protection” towards some entrepreneurs, solving emerging problems or reassuring them to carry out “insecurity“Of their work. The gangs also had several weapons ready for use. During the investigations, in fact, i carabinieri they found and confiscated two submachine guns “Flag“, Weapons of war, a rifle”Sauer”12 gauge“ Beretta ”with freshman punched, numerous ammunition of various calibers, two bulletproof vests, as well as one bomb by hand model “m53 p3” of Slavic origin.

According to the prosecutor Giovanni Bombers, “A reality of intimidating pressures ‘Ndranghetiste that the investigating judge has recognized and also reported to subjects of criminal importance Pasquale Zagari which, as the investigating judge himself writes, ‘beyond the slogan used for nothing has changed. What was ascertained during the investigation, in fact – he continues – radically contrasts with the image that the suspect wanted to offer of himself also through social, and even participating in conferences in which Zagari claimed that his had been a re-educational path which had led him to be a different person from a time. In reality, the ways in which he approached the victims as well as the evocation of the 90s and the period in which he was’young man‘, are all clear elements about the attitude aimed at controlling the territory and the affirmation of one’s own criminal role on the same “.

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