it is the end of an era. And Casaleggio slams the door

it is the end of an era. And Casaleggio slams the door
it is the end of an era. And Casaleggio slams the door

The dispute over the list of members between the 5 digit e Davide Casaleggio and the Movement of Giuseppe Conte: the new statute and, above all, the new pentastellato leader will be voted on by the end of the month on a new web portal. The son of the co-founder together with Beppe Grillo of M5S leaves with gall words: «This is no longer the Movement and I am sure not even my father would have recognized it anymore. I unsubscribe ».
The announcement of the turning point was Conte on Fb: «The time of waiting and postponements is over. Strong of its roots, the M5S enters a new history. June marks the beginning of our “second half”: we are finally in possession of the data of the members and an agreement has been reached with the Rousseau association ».

Then the former prime minister sets a tight timing. The goal: to close months of swamp and internal Vietnam and, above all, to revitalize and regroup as soon as possible with its leadership an M5S by now on its knees and divided into bands: “We only take a few days to verify the data and prepare all the activities preliminary to voting operations. Immediately after we will present the new Statute and the Charter of principles and values: a phase will be open for the comments of the members and by the end of this month there will be the decision with an online vote first on the Statute and then on the new leader of the M5S ” .

Conte and the temptation to lead M5S as a deputy: a seat in Rome appears

In the mood for rhetoric and to celebrate Rousseau’s surrender after being forced to contact the privacy guarantor to obtain the list of members, Conte bids farewell to Casaleggio. Gracefully: «The paths are divided, but with full respect on our part. Casaleggio is a name that will always evoke the history of the M5S ».

Less polite Casaleggio, who runs to snatch the grill card: «With pain, once the data has been passed, I will unsubscribe from M5S as many have decided to do in recent months. If you look for political legitimacy in a court, it means that internal democracy has failed ”. And, the patron of Rousseau, hints at the possibility of a new standard-bearer movement of the Grillina orthodoxy to which Alessandro Di Battista could join: “The path of participation from below will continue along the path we have traced while maintaining integrity, coherence and the moral solidity that we have always cultivated, in the thousand ways in which it will be possible ».


Mouths sewn between the 5Stelle on the figure of the agreement: according to rumors, the amount of the transition between Casaleggio and Conte would amount to about 250 thousand euros that the M5S will have to pay into Rousseau’s coffers, compared to the 450 thousand initially requested by the patron of the platform to heal non-payments by parliamentarians. With a question that agitates the elect: who will get the money out?
Apart from collections, in recent weeks the Movement has appointed the new data processors: the companies Corporate Advisor and Isa. Thus the 5Stelle will be able to proceed with the vote on the new platform by starting the refoundation by Conte on which the blessings of Luigi Di Maio rain (“with Giuseppe we can relaunch the Movement, now we must support him and secure his leadership”), by Virginia Raggi (” let’s go forward together looking at the future of our cities and our country, we are ready to start again ») and of the entire pentastellato staff.
To understand what will happen, compared to the Draghi government, when the white semester starts in August and it will be impossible to go to early elections.


era Casaleggio slams door

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