The M5S now thinks of the square to present the turning point. The (future) moves of Casaleggio-

The M5S now thinks of the square to present the turning point. The (future) moves of Casaleggio-
The M5S now thinks of the square to present the turning point. The (future) moves of Casaleggio-

The turning point comes in the early afternoon: the technicians sent by the Movement to Milan are working to transfer the data of the members. the green light for the Five Star re-foundation. The agreement between Rousseau and M5S closed, they signed it Davide Casaleggio and Vito Crimi, but the operation takes a few hours, the time – on both sides – to prepare posts and press releases and to complete the formalities relating to the due guarantees by the treasurer Claudio Cominardi. At the end of the day, the technicians take possession of that 10% of information needed for organize the vote in order to inaugurate the new course (it will take weeks to complete the transition).

The agreement – as anticipated by the Courier service – closes on about 250 thousand euros to be paid into Rousseau’s coffers: a dry goodbye, with no more votes or anything else. Not only in the agreement there are a series of legal indemnities to protect both the Five Stars and the Milanese association (according to rumors, the Authority and the M5S have given guarantees for the transfer of data).

The role of Grillo

Behind the scenes he moved above all Beppe Grillo, who acted as guarantor for both duelists. Giuseppe Conte and Casaleggio then agreed by telephone in recent days, but the real work was done by the emissaries. A obscure work in which Pietro Dettori, the third partner of Rousseau for years in Luigi Di Maio’s staff, had an important role as mediator (which among the big names pushed to avoid legal action). Dettori, who has always remained in the shadows in recent months, has been the glue on behalf of Grillo.

The (difficult) synthesis between the parties was then entrusted to the notaries Valerio Tacchini and Alfonso Colucci. a divorce between Casaleggio and the Cinque Stelle is not painless. Rousseau’s president in a very harsh post attacks: If you seek political legitimacy in a court it means that internal democracy has failed. As a founding member of the last M5S (with Di Maio) he announces his farewell step: This is no longer the Movement and I am sure not even my father would have recognized it anymore. For him a goodbye to the world of politics is looming. Rumors say that after the summer it could evaluate new initiatives. The future of Rousseau, on the other hand, is uncertain. It could turn – also depending on the choices of the members – into a service company for associations and consortia.

Bugani: Few believed in an agreement

I had hoped that it would not go through legal channels and there were very few of us who believed that an agreement could be found, comments Max Bugani to theCourier service. Having said that, I believe that the whole Movement must understand Davide’s pain and be grateful to him because without him much of what has happened in these 15 years would not have been possible. Many do not know it but he has always been there to give shape to Gianroberto’s ideas and visions. On the other front, the Five Stars celebrate. And they prepare for the new course. Conte speaks of a turning point in June. The statute – say the well-informed – has been ready for some time and will be very articulated. Among the hypotheses in the field, to inaugurate the new Movement, there is talk of a street demonstration: a way to get back in touch with the base after the tensions of the last few weeks and after the months of emergency linked to Covid.

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