what changes and what expenses are allowed

Mobile bonuses 2021: what changes and what expenses are allowed with the innovations introduced by the Draghi government. Increase your budget

The first positive news is represented by the extension of the mobile bonuses 2021. The second, however, is even better: the government has in fact established a increase for the maximum amount of spending that passes from 10 thousand to 16 thousand euros overall. And if until recently the bonus provided for the possibility of obtaining the facilitation through a discount on the invoice or credit transfer, now something has changed.


The 2021 furniture bonus is part of the maxi-amendment to the Sostegni decree law. After its conversion into law however it was canceled the possibility to make it converge into one discount on invoice or with the assignment of the credit which therefore will no longer be possible. At least for this year, therefore, all those who want to take advantage of it will have to respect what was already foreseen previously.

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Mobile bonuses 2021: how the deduction works and what expenses are actually covered

In practice, with the 2021 mobile bonus the customer can take advantage of one personal income tax deduction equal to 50% for the purchase of furniture and large appliances. The latter must be of a class not lower than A + (passes to A or higher for ovens and dryers) and all must be destined for a building undergoing renovation.

Among the covered furniture the facility includes beds, sofas, armchairs, bookcases, desks, wardrobes, dressers, tables, chairs, bedside tables and sideboards. Furthermore, the mattresses and the lighting devices considered a necessary completion for the furnishing of the building under renovation. On the other hand, purchases of doors, flooring, curtains and curtains or other furnishing accessories are not included.


The subsidy can only be requested by those who carry out a building renovation starting from 1 January 2020, but it can also be obtained for purchases made in 2021. The deduction will be divided into 10 annual fees with the same amount and for 2021 it will be calculated on a ceiling increased to 16 thousand euros.

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