ok to the cumulation of the two benefits

ok to the cumulation of the two benefits
ok to the cumulation of the two benefits

Take a family with three children, with Isee around 7 thousand euros, which receives a thousand euros of Basic income per month and that from July will also collectsingle check for his children: from next month he will receive a “salary” of approx 1650 euros from the state. And if the nucleus lives in a rented house, then they are also entitled to the contribution of 280 euros provided by the citizenship income package and thus the income bar rises to 1930 euros per month. Let’s take another example. A family with only one dependent child, an ISEE always around 7 thousand euros, which each month receives 800 euros of citizenship income and which starting from July will also draw on the 167.5 euros provided for by the single allowance for children, at the end of next month he will take home almost a thousand euros, or 1250 if he is renting.

On the contrary, a family with three adults and two minors, including a person in a condition of disability or non self-sufficiency, who now receives 1100 euros of citizenship income per month, in addition to the contribution for the rent, thanks to the single allowance. for children he can aspire to a “paycheck” of just over 1,700 euros per month, of which 335 from the new bonus. In practice, within a year, the family with three children and a rented house will earn about 23,000 euros net in this way, the one with only one child will collect fifteen thousand, while the one with three adults and 2 minors between which a disabled person will receive 20 thousand euros per year from the state.

The debut of the single allowance for children, central to the Family Act, the reform designed to convince Italians to have more children, allows the benefits of the bonus for children to be combined with those of citizenship income. The amount of the allowance varies according to the Isee income and the number of children: for the first and second child the amount paid monthly will be 167.5 euros, but if the children are three or more then the figure is increased by 30 percent, therefore for each minor the bonus rises to 217.8 euros per month (in the presence of disabled children, the allowance is also increased by 50 euros per month).


In other words, a family with Isee stopped at seven thousand euros and three minor children will take 653 euros per month, almost 4 thousand euros per semester, a good 8 thousand euros a year, which if added to a citizenship income of 12 thousand euros per year make a figure of respect. For those who have an ISEE between € 39,900 and € 50,000, and therefore do not have the right to the Cinquestelle subsidy, the check falls considerably, up to € 30, while above the € 50,000 of Isee the contribution disappears from all. The average benefit, the government calculates, will be € 1,056 per family in the semester. Today the possibility of adding the child allowance to the citizenship income is possible for about half a million families with children who already receive the anti-poverty benefit. In April there were 1.2 million Italian families reached by the aid (for 2.8 million people involved in total) for an average amount per unit of 557 euros.


More in detail, the households receiving citizenship income in April were 1.1 million (with an average amount of 586 euros), while the recipients of the citizenship pension were 109,000 (with an average amount of 266 euros). Of the families who received their income or citizenship pension in April, two out of three resided in the South or the Islands. The north with 254,785 recipient families welcomes 20.8 per cent of the beneficiaries, the center with 182,630 families reached by the subsidy embraces 14.9 per cent of the beneficiaries and the south with 782,797 families 64.1 per cent. The amounts received by southern families are on average higher also due to the greater number of members: 2.4 on average in the south, 2.1 in the center and 2 in the north. As a result, in the southern regions the average amount of citizenship income is on average equal to 590 euros, 516 euros in the center and 483 euros in the north. Finally, in the first four months of this year, the INPS notes that at least one monthly payment was paid to 1.6 million households, corresponding to over 3 million people involved.


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