for Italy second success against Canada

for Italy second success against Canada
for Italy second success against Canada

RIMINI-The young Italian national team gives herself the second satisfaction of this Volleyball Nations League by overcoming Canada at the tie-break at the end of a long and hard game which, after the double tricolor advantage, seemed to be channeled on the right tracks. On the 2-0 in favor of Italy, however, the North Americans, putting in great difficulty the reception of the blues, managed to slowly climb back up the slope to impact the match on 2-2. In the tie-break, however, the reaction of Valentini’s boys arrived who showed that they wanted to bring home a game at all costs that at a certain point seemed to have totally changed. The Italian team liked the decisive reaction in the most difficult moment. Valentini revolutionized the starting sextet by choosing the diagonal of Spirito-Nelli, Cortesia and Mosca the central ones, Bottolo and Recine the hammers with Balaso free for the reception alternating immediately with Federici for the defense.
Starting set well played by the Azzurri who approached the match in the right way, managing to show good offensive plots, but above all managing to stem the Canadians with an effective block (6-3 in the fundamental). What ensued was a conduction with a progressive increase in the advantage up to 25-19 which decreed the conclusion of the first partial.
In the second fraction the young blues first continued to play at good pace, managing to impose their strategy and then, in the central part of the set, gradually giving way to the Canadians who managed to reduce the disadvantage (from +7 on 16-9 yes went to +1 on 19-18 for the Azzurri).
In the final, however, Nelli and his companions reacted to the moment of difficulty managing to extend again on +5 (23-18), an advantage administered up to 25-21 that decreed the temporary 2-0 despite some too many smudges in reception.
The first real moment of difficulty for Italy came in the third set when the Canadians found themselves ahead 8-3 managing to interrupt the good moment of the Azzurri. With patience and calm, however, Valentini’s men at first slowly recovered and then reversed the situation taking to 10-8. The gained advantage seemed to be able to restore confidence to the tricolor group which in the immediately following phases, however, was again made to take back by the Canadians who were good at pushing the serve, thus continuing to take advantage of the not exactly exemplary reception of the Azzurri. Thanks to a less clear-headedness in closing the attack shots, Valentini’s boys ended up yielding with the score of 25-21.
The performance of the third set initially undermined the certainties of Nelli and his companions who immediately found themselves at a disadvantage at 6-3, a +3 maintained for a while (12-9) by the Canadians who seemed to be in control. The reaction of the Italian boys, however, was not long in coming and even if with less effectiveness and clarity than at the beginning of the race they managed to get under the score (13-13 and 17-17). In the final phase, Italy continued to suffer the service of Canada, thus squandering the good it had done; despite the great difficulties encountered, however, the Azzurri again impacted the match on 23-23. The final was incandescent with the Azzurri who, after failing to close the match in their favor, left the partial to their opponents on the third attempt at 28-26 with much more than a regret.
In the tie-break, however, Nelli and his teammates were good at regrouping and finding the strength to react in the moment of difficulty that could really compromise everything and, playing with great character, they closed the game on 15-11 at the third match point ( 2 in the partial +1 in the fourth).

Italy again on the pitch on Wednesday 9 June at 4.30 pm against Argentina (live on La7); the next day the opponent will be Japan (at 7.30 pm live streaming from the FIVB platform) and then close the third round against Australia (at 4.30 pm live streaming from the FIVB platform).


Francesco Recine (Italy) –«We are very happy with the way this game ended, which at a certain point seemed to have become seriously complicated. We had a good start, but then we suffered their joke and that sent us a bit confused. Despite everything, however, we remained attached to the game and showed that we wanted to take it home. We are aware that we are playing against much more experienced teams here, but we need to gain experience. We must continue like this with the awareness that there is so much to do ».


CANADA-ITALY: 2-3 (19-25, 21-25, 25-21, 28-26, 11-15)

CANADA: Sanders, Perrin 10, Hoag 19, Van Berkel 7, Vernon-Evans 11, Szwarc 4, Bann (L). Blankenau 3, Sclater 3, Jansen Vandoorn 5, Loeppky 17. Ne: Marshall, Pereira (L), Demyanenko. All: Hoag

ITALY: Spirito 3, Nelli 18, Courtesy 7, Recine 18, Bottolo 16, Mosca 9, Balaso (L). Federici (L), Michieletto 2, Sbertoli, Pinali, Galassi 1. Ne: Gardini, Cavuto. All: Valentini

ARBITRI: Maroszek (POL), Vera Mechan (PER)

Set length: 31 ‘, 33’, 34 ‘, 38’, 18 ‘
Canada: a 8 bs 19 mv 9 and 41
Italy: A BS 5 and MV 18 16 25

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