High Infidelity – iPhone Edition: Apple reveals how many users decide to switch to the competition

Filippo Morgante05/06/2021 ore 14:50

Apparently, according to the data that emerged during the trial between Apple and Epic Games, the iPhone users would not be as loyal to the brand as it seems. Between Q3 2019 and the Q3 2020, the percentage of users of the apple that has decided to switch to another device (presumably Android), has fluctuated between 12% and 26%. The data that derives directly from the Apple’s market research itself, show how loyal consumers (not) were to the company between 2019 and 2020. However, it is interesting to analyze how these are figures differ throughout the year.

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If in the Q3 of 2019 “Only” the 19% of iPhone users preferred to switch devices, including the Q1 and Q2 2020 this percentage has risen over 25%. These timelines could have two explanations. The first is that many users prefer to get rid of their iPhone before they come new models announced during Q3, while the second is that customers have suffered from economic effects of the pandemic thus preferring to switch to cheaper Android rivals.

Despite this bad period for the Cupertino company, the loyalty to iPhones has increased again up to 88% during Q3 2020, probably supported by strong sales of the iPhone 12. To complete the picture, it would also be interesting to know how many there are users who switch from Android to iOS, but unfortunately certain data in this regard are not currently available.

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High Infidelity iPhone Edition Apple reveals users decide switch competition

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