Water polo, Champions League: Pro Recco on the roof of Europe, Ferencvaros ko | News

In Belgrade, the Ligurians win 9-6: it is the ninth success in their history. Brescia ends in third place: the Italian champions overwhelm Barceloneta 13-7

The Pro Recco is champion of Europe for the ninth time in its history. TO Belgrade, the Ligurians win the final of Champions League of water polo bending 9-6 the Ferencvaros at the end of a perfect match, with the decisive extension arrived thanks to the 4-1 in the second half. In third place closes the Brescia: the Italian champions overwhelm the Spaniards 13-7 Barceloneta with the super performance of Vlachopoulos (poker) e jokovic (triplet).

After 6 years, the Len Champions League returns to Italy and to Pro Recco, which cancels the disappointment of the knockout in the final scudetto against Brescia by winning for the ninth time in its history the most important European water polo club competition. The Ligurians take away the scepter of champions from Ferencvaros, beaten thanks to a sumptuous recovery, especially in defense. In Belgrade, Hernández’s team opened the scoring with the perfect extra man transformed by Dusan Mandic, with a deadly left-handed, but the response of the Hungarians was not long in coming, with Constantin-Bicari and Vigvari signing the overtaking. Thanks to Bijac’s saves on Fountoulis and Zalanki and to Figlioli’s brace, however, Pro Recco recovered and moved up to 3-2 at the end of the first quarter. In the second, it is the numerical superiorities that make the difference: Younger and Di Fulvio score between the Ligurians, while Ferencvaros responds with Vigvari, Vamos and Jaksic, finding the 5-5 at the long interval.

At the beginning of the third time, here is the decisive acceleration: within 90 seconds, the left-handed conclusions of Echenique and Mandic electrocute Vogel and give the 7-5 to Pro Recco, while the Hungarians lose Fountoulis and Mezei due to the limit of fouls: two fundamental absences both for the qualities of the players and for the lack of spare parts for Zsolt Varga. The last 8 minutes saw Mandic find another amazing goal, which is worth the Serbian’s hat-trick and 8-5 for the Ligurians. Di Fulvio then thinks, in numerical superiority, to close the accounts: 9-5. Ferencvaros struggled, but did not go beyond Constantin-Bicari’s 9-6, with Bijac, author of a great performance, who saved Vamos a penalty at the last minute. At the final whistle, it’s a party for Pro Recco, which returns to win the Champions League after six years (the last time in 2014/2015) and climbs again to the top of Europe: it is the club that has won the most in the its history, nine.

Brescia is on the lowest step of the podium, overwhelming Barceloneta 13-7 and closes in third place. The new champions of Italy immediately start strong and, after the initial disadvantage by the Spanish Famera, they close the first quarter at 3-1 thanks to a granite defense, led by an excellent Del Lungo, and to the goals of Vlachopoulos, Cannella ( in numerical superiority) and Balzarini. The start of the second period is devastating: Bovo’s formation even rises to +6 with Vlachopoulos, Alesiani and Jokovic (hat-trick at the end of the game for the Croatian) while Barceloneta is inattentive in the non-possession phase and imprecise in attack: the only ones acute come with the two penalties of Granados. Still from five meters, however, comes Vlachopoulos’ goal: 9-3 for Brescia at the long interval. In the third quarter, Barceloneta shortens with another penalty scored by Munárriz, but Renzuto, in superiority, restores the +6 (10-4), before the maximum advantage signed by Christian Presciutti, with Larumbe avoiding at least the disadvantage in the third set . The last 8 minutes open with the goal of Famera (11-6), but Dolce and Vlachopoulos (poker for him) definitely keep the Spaniards at a distance, who score the last goal of the match with Granados, but close at the foot of the podium . Brescia, on the other hand, wins 13-7 and earns third place, the icing on the cake of an incredible season that saw the Lions remove the championship from Pro Recco after 15 years.

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