Covid, no deaths in Liguria. The number of people admitted to hospital drops to 107. Toti: “We are one step away from the white zone”

Covid, no deaths in Liguria. The number of people admitted to hospital drops to 107. Toti: “We are one step away from the white zone”
Covid, no deaths in Liguria. The number of people admitted to hospital drops to 107. Toti: “We are one step away from the white zone”

Genoa – No deaths from Covid in Liguria in the last 24 hours. This is confirmed by official data from the Ministry of Health. The total deaths since the beginning of the pandemic are 4,330: the same number as yesterday. On the other hand, 27 people are in intensive care: one less than on Friday, while 80 people were hospitalized against 92 twenty-four hours ago. In total, 107 are hospitalized, 13 fewer.


The new cases

In the last 24 hours, 23 new cases of virus positivity have been recorded in Liguria compared to 2,685 molecular swabs and 2,014 rapid antigenic swabs. The positivity rate is 0.48% (Friday 4 June it was 0.37%), while at the national level it is 1%. For the second time in three days in the province of La Spezia no covid cases have emerged, as can be seen from the table released by the Region:

IMPERIA (Asl 1): 1 case
SAVONA (Asl 2): ​​10 cases
GENOA: 12 cases, of which:
• Asl 3:11
• Asl 4: 1
LA SPEZIA (Asl 5): 0 cases
Not attributable to residence in Liguria: 0 cases

“Declining incidence: 15 cases per week per 100 thousand inhabitants”

“Liguria is now one step away from the white zone. In Liguria the numbers of the incidence of the virus continue to decline: today, at the regional level, we record 15 cases per week per 100 thousand inhabitants. The best data at the provincial level is that of Imperia, with 7, the province of Savona is at 16, that of La Spezia at 10 and the Metropolitan City of Genoa at 15 “. The president of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti writes in a note. “The situation in our hospitals continues to improve: today the number of people admitted to hospital drops significantly, in total we are at 107, while the number of patients hospitalized in the average intensity alone is 80: a month ago they were 463. On the in the face of new infections, today the Asl 5 La Spezia registers 0 new cases, while both the Asl1 Imperiese and the Asl4 Chiavari have only one case each, and in the Asl4 the number of hospitalized has been reduced to 1 “.

The data are positive but will not affect, at the moment, the reorganization of hospitals: “As for the reopening of hospitals for visits – reads the note – we are starting an argument with Alisa and the Ministry of Health: there is still a lot of concern, not all the population is vaccinated, we are around 45% vaccinated with the first dose in Liguria, a little less nationally, and the clusters within hospitals have done particularly badly. We will begin to reopen, with great prudence and graduality, during the month of June. “The governor, on facebook, then added:” Come on Liguria, let’s start again and finally get back to life ‘”.

The positives by province of residence

The positives in total in the region are 2.047, distributed as follows on the territory: 1,180 in the province of Genoa, 293 in that of Savona, 285 in that of Spezia, 148 in that of Imperia, 58 are residents outside the region (another 83 are in the verification phase). People in active surveillance are 1,220, 4 more than on Friday. On the other hand, those in home isolation are 312 fewer (the total is 706).


In the last 24 hours, 9,879 people have been vaccinated in Liguria (6,819 with mRna vaccines and 3,060 with viral vector vaccines). Since the start of the campaign, 1,016,778 doses have been administered out of 1,124,200 delivered (90%). “From yesterday evening at 11pm, reservations for the 35-39 range are open – reads a note from the Region – At 6pm today, bookings made through the site were 8,731”.

“Games of lights on the buildings to greet Liguria in the white zone from Monday”

“Liguria will greet the entry into the white area with a play of lights that will illuminate the Palazzo della Regione in Piazza De Ferrari in Genoa, the Palazzo del Municipio in Imperia, the Priamar in Savona and the San Giorgio Castle in La Spezia starting at 11pm , when the curfew would take effect that our region will abandon on Monday “. This was announced by the president Giovanni Toti.

The program foresees that at 10 pm, on the 4 buildings, an illuminated countdown will start which, at 11 pm, will give way to the brand of the Restart Liguria campaign, the initiative intended to mark the restart in Liguria. From 11pm until midnight, musical entertainment in the 4 chosen places. “This landing in the white zone is fundamental for the restart and to move more and more towards the return to normalcy – adds Toti -. The pandemic has made us understand how precious our freedom is, a freedom that we took for granted: we must not do it. , we must continue with the vaccination campaign, because the more we are vaccinated, the more free we will be. We must continue to be attentive and responsible so as not to lose this regained freedom again “.

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